Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to all! The expected snow storm missed us for the most part. We have a few inches of snow, nothing unmanageable, and the wind has finally stopped. The snow coating the tree limbs looks very pretty, and it's nice to look out the picture windows and see it. I'm hoping the sun comes out this afternoon as predicted and makes the snow sparkle.

My Redhead is back in the US of A! She called last night from JFK to let us know she was stateside. This first semester in London has been a long strange trip (thank you, Jerry) but I think she's going to do so much better next semester, moving on with the lessons she's learned, and not just the academic ones. Now, she'll spend a few days in NYC seeing buddies.

My Blondie is in San Francisco at her conference. She gives her talk today, and as long as she remembers to breathe and speak slowly, she'll be great. Just like me, when she's a little nervous or very excited about something, she starts talking very fast-you'd think I could have given her some other trait-but knowing the Roseola, she'll have practiced a few times yesterday and will be fine.

They will both be home on Sunday. Lou and I are ready to see them, to listen to them argue, to have them pretend they are little and snuggle into our arms and laps. I never thought ahead about my children as adults, and yet suddenly they are two young women who amaze me to no end. That I had a part in shaping these vital women humbles me. Sometimes I think about how I wanted things differently than I was raised-things in their places, no piles of books or papers or stuff and furniture that wasn't hand-me-downs comes to mind-but I now realize that doesn't matter. They will shape their own spaces physically (most likely minimally!) but they will always carry with them that emotional strength that comes from knowing they have been loved and supported through everything they try. I can't think of a better gift to have given them.....

XXOOXX to my girls, with a LYSYB thrown in for good measure!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

San-Dee the Plumber

Today I learned something new: how to repair a leaking kitchen sink faucet. Lou was very patient with me and nobody yelled-the sure sign around here that things aren't going well..... we took the faucet apart, put all the pieces in a bag and went to the hardware store. The plumbing guy said we were better off replacing all the stuff rather than just the washers. So, we got this handy all parts together repair kit, brought it home and redid the faucet. We finished it all, then turned the water back on, and NOTHING LEAKED. Hopefully it will continue to not leak.

riding on that success, we really decided to take the rest of the afternoon off. We have a shopping list to create in anticipation of the kids being around and I've got some coasters I want to make for the people at work for the holidays.

Last Wednesday we had our year-end party at work. We went to the local site of the music schools, B2R, and learned to be in a rock-n-roll band (it was the corporate party experience they offer to the public). We were told to channel our inner rock star. A few of us did dress up, most as a genre of rocker as opposed to a specific person. I channeled my inner Janis Joplin. I probably did it since this is the second year in a row I have missed dressing up for Halloween at work because it hasn't been on one of my work days. It was fun. It was funny. Our band learned and performed Wild Thing. I was lead guitar. There are rumors that the video shot of the learning process/performances will be uploaded to youtube. That could be a BIG mistake.....nobody was that good, even the groups that had some of the music teachers in them. But, it was very relaxed compared to other parties, and everyone had fun, and that's the most important part.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Holidays are upon us!

I hope everyone has had a happy Thanksgiving weekend, sharing food, love and laughter with people you care about. We had a quiet day watching the wind blow everything around, and did the same on Friday!

I have received an early Chanukah gift, as if Chanukah wasn't early enough this year (first candle is Wednesday night). Lill and Jack got me a wireless mouse. To most computer literate people this probably is one of those "duh-uh" sort of things, but to me, who doesn't get rid of anything that still might have a useful life no matter how inconvenient, it's a luxury! Right now, the coffee table is shoved closer to the couch to allow Lou's wheelchair to roll up to the love seat, so the space to move on the couch side is very narrow, not to mention clogged with the cords of my laptop and mouse. Now, I get to take away one, cutting the chance of tripping by 50%! Thank you, kids!! Now the other wish list things move up a notch-nothing really spectacular-I'd like a timer for the kitchen that continues to make noise rather than one beep or ding, I'd like a new turkey baster since ours got cracked in the junk drawer. And that's about it. Everything else is non-material; I'd like continued health for myself and continued recovery for Lou, I'd like my girls to continue to grow as women taking on the world on their terms and to keep thinking I'm cool no matter how I age or what I wear:-), I'd like my sib and sibs-in-law to be happy doing what they are doing. I'd like my friends, both physical and online, to know they are appreciated in ways I cannot verbalize-imagine, an English major having trouble with words.

So, now I'm off to sew Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas chotzkes for the folks around here and get my chocolates started. Next thing you know, it'll be cookie press cookies.....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I have much to be thankful for this year: my body remains cancer free, my family and friends remain close to my heart and sources of joy to me, and most importantly, Lou is back on his feet! "Das Boot", the huge boot given to him at the last doctor visit to protect his foot while he begins to stand and move about again, is working well enough that he is back in the kitchen--a huge relief to me (and though he has been good about my cooking, I'm sure it's a huge relief to him!) I took this picture about 10 minutes ago while he was happily starting sloppy joes. So, once again we'll eat well at the O household.

It's very weird that no one will be home for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It's a good thing we had one last weekend in Cleveland. Lou directed, I cooked, and it came out really good. I still do not, and never will, understand how people enjoy cooking....

We've got a relatively quiet weekend planned, I will continue to file paperwork and hopefully get some sewing done. Between the boot and the wheelchair, Lou is fairly mobile on his own, which I'm sure is a great relief to him instead of having me push him all over the house. Although, I have to say, for a man with a PhD he can really be dense sometimes. He was feeling a little cabin feverish when I got home today from work, and suggested he come to the store with me for the short list. Excuse me, the afternoon before Thanksgiving? When everyone and their brothers who hasn't gone out of town is in Safeway for their short list? Well, we went, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just being out and about- picking ribeye roast for New Year's, chickens for when the girls are home- really lifted his spirits. So, we are getting back to a.b.normal around here, and that's a good thing!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good day!

Today I feel like I got a lot accomplished though I haven't left the house! I finished my blocks for the first month of the second run of the Bee Balm, but I have to find my camera to take a picture of them to show. I learned a few things from this month: I need a new blade for my rotary cutter, I can follow directions after I read them numerous times, my stash is sadly depleted and I definitely do not have selections that blend with green. My five inch squares were mostly in the green group-a color I have never been fond of except in the out of doors. I wanted to be cool and make three blocks or so, but I didn't have anything to "flesh out" Elaine's choices, so I stretched to use a basic yellow/gold sort with green highlights. Sorry! and oh-I guess I will have to get myself to the fabric store to beef up my stash. I realized it is mostly Chanukah prints for aprons, and some cotton blends for blouses I will eventually make for work.

I got bills paid-always a good thing.

I made a big pot of stuffed cabbage to lift Lou's spirits during this recovery phase. Of course, when I told him I had a big surprise for dinner: stuffed cabbage, he asked where I'd gotten it. Such little faith-there are a few things I can wipe up in the kitchen-so I told him from my two little hands. Hopefully it will taste as good as it smells simmering right now, we will know in about an hour.

I signed up for a second online quilting bee, and this one will really stretch my learning curve. there is a wonderful blog about taking 15 minutes to play-the premise being to take 15 minutes daily to experiment, create, move outside your box or comfort zone. One of the criteria for this round is that one does not use an established block pattern, so it will be interesting to see what others come up with. Fortunately, my block is in the second half of the year.

Tomorrow I hope to take Lou out for a ride to the orchard to get apples for homemade apple sauce. It may be one of the last "top-down" weekends for Miss Lucy, so I want to be out enjoying the sunshine. And since both girls will be home in December, we will have a late latke party with homemade apple sauce.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snow, already!

Maybe I'm a bad person, but I am REALLY glad that we didn't go to Cleveland this week for elder respite. While driving to the football game, my father-in-law went from snow to rain to drizzle. When he left at halftime and returned home, there was already two inches at the house. I am not ready for snow. I am okay with cool/cold weather, but I am not ready for snow.

Lou's dressing change went well. His foot is not nearly as weird as I think we both thought it would be-right now with the stitches still in, it looks sort of like a hot pocket-you know, the curved edge with the ridges. Most of the ball of his foot has been saved, so that's a good thing, too! He took a nap when we got home, then we had some quality personal hygiene time. He is still not allowed in the shower, but he shaved, rolled up to the sink in the wheelchair and I washed his hair, then we did a sponge bath and fresh clothes. I think this part is just as important as the healing of his foot-he feels better, he looks good, and he's taking more responsibility for dealing with things himself. I think the one time I shaved him after his stroke was enough for him to realize he needed the manual dexterity to do it himself. Tonight, another milestone: he rolled himself over to the dining room table for dinner. Granted, it would have been pretty sloppy trying to eat soup and skirt steak on the couch, but we didn't have to. Of course, Omi wants to see a picture of his foot; so I'll take one when I change the dressing tomorrow.

I haven't gotten any coasters done, but I did make a major dent in the paper on the table. A lot was just recycling that needed to be organized-lots of circulars, etc. but I had to go through it to make sure there wasn't any mail mixed in. I have a neat stack of bills to write out tomorrow morning, then file the receipts and the table will be presentable for eating. We are having our good friend Mariann visiting on Monday night from CA. She is at a conference this weekend in DC, and staying over for a few days of sight-seeing. After our visit, I may bring up one of the portables and put it on the corner of the table (shades of junior high and high school sewing!) so that I can sew up here while we listen to music. I've realized that if I'm keeping Lou company in the bedroom when he stretches out to watch some TV, I'm getting nothing done. He's content to stretch out and listen to music as much as stretch out and watch TV-probably more so. We've always watched TV like a movie house-no lights on. At least when we elder respite I can crochet or knit in the den. If we're listening to music I can be sewing in the corner, I think I'm safe as long as the ironing board doesn't move up here to the living room. (Again, shades of junior high and high school...) that ironing board was a fixture in my mom's home-not only did it get used for ironing, it was convenient for mail, magazines, and sometimes books. I think when we had the party for out of towners the night before we got married, lots of our friends expected to walk in and see the ironing board set up to be used as the buffet.......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Nothing

A million years ago, my bro-in-law Jeff and I used to listen to an album from the Fugs. They had a song that started with "Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing...." you can imagine the lack of creativity of this song, or maybe not. Well, today was Thursday Nothing for me. I think I needed to do nothing, and I did. After I got Lou settled into his "office" with his snacks, liquids, pills, etc. I went back to bed and just dozed on and off for most of the day. It was raining and a good place to be. I got up late afternoon, and we had a wonderful conversation on gvoice with Sarah. She sounds good, had a profitable day at school, then found a few items of clothing and was on her way home to study while we chatted. Almost as soon as we hung up Lilli called, and was letting us know she'd be working on her paper or whatever out by the pool. It's so good for her to be in that great weather, not to mention how healthy she looks and feels.

Tomorrow we have the first dressing change on Lou's foot, and will get our next set of instructions. I'm ready, and I think up to the challenge. i think I might actually get some stuff done around the house, too. I have lots of coasters cut and ready to put together, and then I can concentrate on aprons. My friend, Angie, even in SC is badgering me about keeping to the schedule we made for getting "product" created. She should talk, since she moved I don't even think she can FIND her jewelry fixings....but, that's what friends are for.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Running on half-full

After 48 hours of 24/7 Nancy nursing, I got some sleep last night. I'm not sure Lou has a handle on controlling the pain-he basically slept all day yesterday and then was up most of the night, is now sleeping again-but he didn't need my help and I actually slept a lot of the night. What a difference a few winks can make!!

I decided the best thing was to do the "mindless' chores yesterday, so I vacuumed, oiled the wood, organized the baby blankets to send out this week, and started laundry. I have one load left to dry and fold, then that task gets checked off, too.

Today I am going to sew my online bee block so I can honestly say I did it in October!! I have learned so much this past year and I'm looking forward to the next one. And the community of friends I've made has been fantastic. I don't think I could have gotten through the cancer adventure or Lou's stroke/vascular problems/amputation adventure without them and my family.

So, to fill y'all in on eldercaring: for their 35th anniversary, we sent a super-sized Tower of Treats from Harry and David, and my sister-in-law made a photo album for them. Not only were the gifts a HUGE success, but greatly appreciated for their fun factor. Peg loves having all the little boxes to open, and Si loves all the treats. She may not recognize a lot of the photos, but it's giving him a lot of joy to look at and explain to her. So-we done good!! We are a little more at ease for the present because Si has arranged for respite night care, at least on the nights before he teaches, and has a whole team in place now. Of course, he's complaining about keeping track of all the comings and goings, but in all honesty, what else is he doing with his time?

One thing I really need to acknowledge here is family. My cousin has been on stand-by because he lives about 10 minutes from the house and we have repeated told Si to call if he's in a jam. Well, that happened this week when he needed to pickup a prescription for Peg. He finally called the cell, but Alan didn't answer right away and Si didn't leave a message. When Alan called back, he found that Si had tried the house, and Alan's wife, Marcia, was already on her way over to help out. What can I say? Technically, these folks aren't related, and these adventures are definitely not on their radar, but they stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam. They also made my sister-in-law almost cry when I told her about it--me too--love you both, lots!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We can make it!

WARNING: Details may be gory to some!!!

Lou had his surgery on Thursday, and the doctor ended up doing a tma, trans meditarsal (sp?) amputation. There was not enough circulation to guarantee the skin would heal if just the bad toes were taken, so he had to go down far enough to be sure good flow would heal the skin flap. It was done as an out-patient surgery; I brought him home thursday night. It was fine while the hospital meds were still in his system, then the roller coaster began. We have had 48 hours of 7-9 level pain, moderated by "tolerable" pain when the drugs kick in. It is extremely painful, but they did warn us this would happen. Unfortunately I feel so useless as there is really nothing I can do to help. Fortunately Lou has fallen into a deep sleep for the last hour and a half which is what he needs. Deep enough that the vacuum running did not even wake him. So, while he is sleeping, I am doing some long neglected cleaning chores and laundry, and hoping to get to my sewing blocks this afternoon. One good thing that was a brilliant idea on his part: we are using the computer desk chair to get him from the bedroom to the living room and back since he cannot put any weight on the foot.

We had our first frost last night. Thankfully we heard the forecast while listening to the radio, so all the plants that can't take a frost got moved into the house. They need a good watering, but I think they are happy to be under the grow lights again. Nobody seems too shocked to be back inside.

I do need to make a quick run to the store today, and then we will settle into NCISes and later the baseball game: GO GIANTS!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

It has been SO busy!

I have been so busy I'm not sure what I've been doing! A week ago I sat down and sewed for the first time in forever. I hate to admit it-but last December I was asked to angel a Halloween package for a lady who had been stiffed twice on Halloween swaps. I agreed right away, then stuff happened and we all know what that means. Anyway, I felt guilty that I hadn't gotten it together, so I made the apron and put together a sweet package of fun Halloween stuff. I combined a few patterns to get the look I wanted, and the best part-the black material has little green bats that glow in the dark! I just love the look of the tiered layers in the back.
So, it went out to Canada last week and I hope she enjoys it. Next on my list is Lillian's smock type apron for her shaking experiment. She needs to keep the fine dust off. Then, hopefully, I will make up my mind about what to sew for holiday aprons. Lou has been really good about not saying anything about the mountains of material that are growing in the dining room, but it isn't fair to him to continue piling with no end in sight.

I probably should babble on about other things, but I'm getting tired and still need to set up coffee and get clothes ready for work tomorrow. Maybe I can be better about writing in the future-or maybe not-

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lost in space

So, to repeat:

(I really hate it when stuff I type gets lost because I hit the wrong key)

The doctor's office has set Lou's surgery for Monday morning. Hopefully he will finally be out of pain once he heals. I am so ready for him to be comfortable again.

My friend Angie has resurfaced in South Carolina. I am glad that she did not disappear completely after getting riffed at work. We had a nice catch up on gchat, and now I have a phone number for her, I can bug her again.

It was strange: going into the fabric store without Angie today. Most of the fabric forays over the last 2-3 years have been with Angie, a bigger fabricolic than I am. But, I survived. I got an outerwear zipper for a jacket I'm repairing, a nice half yard bundle of 5 fabrics to try some gift ideas, and a nice tight cotton weave for Lilli's apron. She needs it to keep the dust off from her rock shaking stuff-so I'm going to get it done this weekend and it will go out next week.

Then I went to AC Moore but they don't have the 99 cent gloves in yet, the kind that stretch to fit anyone. We have found these are the best for Lou to wear to keep his fingers warm when the temperature drops, those fancy Reynaud's Syndrome gloves I bought last year were junk. Expensive junk, but still junk. At least we have a few pairs from last year to get us started this fall.

Then I got a call from Lill that she needed some sequined material to finish her Halloween costume. I went back to G Street and got an exact match for the dress I made her-at least I think it is... so, that will get packed up and off to the post office tomorrow morning, too.

I found a bunch of nice longsleeved tops at Tar-jay today and have gotten them packed up with Sarah's Madeleine costume. I can't find the noise canceling headphones, but they may be downstairs in her school stuff. I will search tomorrow morning when I am fresh.

We are having absolutely spectacular fall weather today, and the weekend is supposed to be just as gorgeous. I sure hope so!

and best yet, my sewing machine is ready for me to play tomorrow. things are really good in my world today!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunny day!

After a number of cloudy, stormy days we are enjoying a Saturday of sunshine and mild temperatures. The best way to describe it is to say it "feels" like fall: a sunny sky, a slight breeze, leaves starting to turn colors and fall from the trees. I enjoy all of it, mostly, until I have to rake the leaves! I'm hoping this year to just cruise over them with the mulching lawn mower and hope that does it or find a neighborhood kid who wants to earn a few dollars raking leaves. Do people even rake leaves anymore? Or do they all blow them around with those noisy things?

In a spurt of energy this morning I got laundry started and paperwork organization started. the laundry's easier! Lou has been telecommuting so his wardrobe doesn't change much, comfy pajama pants or sweats, and a thermal shirt. I only work three days, so i don't go through much "good" stuff, then it's mainly jeans and t-shirts. The paperwork on the other hand...... let's just say a mountain has grown up on the table and the kitchen counter, and hopefully it will all be filed by tonight, tomorrow morning, tops. I have to be honest, a lot of it is just stuff that came in the mail and I didn't get into the recycling bin right away. But now it's separated out and I will get back to it after a short nap. I love napping on afternoons like today.

Tomorrow afternoon, after the grocery shopping, I am going to sit down and do some sewing. since Lou is not a football fan, I can watch downstairs and sew and not feel guilty at all. I get to watch, I get to sew-win/win as far as I am concerned. Lots of stuff on my to-do list, I doubt I will start anything new, I just need to get back in that sewing game. I'm about 8 inches short of finishing the latest crocheted baby afghan and to be honest, I hope the family stops having babies for a year or so. There have been four babies born since June, and I am two blankets behind already. It's nice, two girls and two boys. But, I need a break from baby afghans.

The next round of our online quilting bee will be starting soon, and I'm excited because I have learned so much this past year from these other women. I still have some blocks to catch up on, and they have graciously not given me crap about it. So, I have lots of things to start and stay busy with.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, tiring Tuesday

I think all the hustle and bustle from the weekend has caught up with me today, it's very hard to keep my eyeballs open, but I don't want to miss the chance to watch the Nats lose to the Phillies again tonight. Can't even be pissed at the Phillies, they just play nice, clean baseball. I hope they make it to the World Series. Of course, as a former (but in my heart always-and hope to in retirement be) northern Californian, I am also rooting for the Giants. Buster Posey was actually a student of my father-in-law's at FSU.

Looks like I'm getting back into the business-two people at work have asked me to do a few sewing jobs for them. One was nice enough to say, "I know I could take this to the cleaners', but I'd rather have someone I know and trust do it". it involves repair on a beaded bag that was her mother's-I know it's a cherished item and I'll treat it as such.

The Beebalm is getting ready to start another round. I'm hoping over the weekend to catch up on the blocks I didn't finish, and be all ready to start fresh. It's so amazing to me to be involved with a group literally all over the world.

Meetings for the Pomegranate Guild start this month, too. I feel bad, all the planning meetings were on my workdays, so how can I feel like I really did anything as one of the content organizers? I did make a few suggestions, and I can up with something else that might be fun-has anyone out there ever made wine charms? I think if we could get a variety of Jewish themed charms, it might be fun.

Well, off to baseball.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back at home

Well, I really did not expect to be able to blog while in Cleveland, but we did have a good visit, Peg is doing well, and Lou's dad (Si) got some much needed sleep. I do have news to share: thanks to the help of my computer savvy daughter #1, Lillian, I was able to copy music onto the computer from a VINYL record, and then burn it to a CD for my father-in-law. Back in 2007 I bought this really cool Ion turntable archiver. It plugs in by USB port, and afte ryou load the software, it records the music onto your computer. then-and here's where Lillian was the help-you can burn it to a CD. Since I wasn't sure how to do that from the instructions, she showed me how to save it in iTunes then burn it. It was especially rewarding as the records Si wanted recorded were two albums of violin music by David Oistrakh, a distant relative of his. so, he has new music, and I have a way to put all my old albums on CDS... The world is good tonight!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

two in a row

I'm trying to write a little each day to remind myself that I am a person with other interests/ things to do than deal with the house and work.

Today I went out mid-morning to walk to the bagel store for snacks, and it was such fun to see all the toddlers playing by the fountain in front of the bookstore. School has started here, so only the really young ones are out and about. It was also nice to see that most of the moms didn't mind if the kids splashed their hands in the water. They aren't supposed to playin it, but they are allowed to stick their hands in to splash. I hope someone shows them how to make paper sailboats and they have races. Maybe I'll have to do that.

A new Jewish year is upon us and I have thoughtfully answered my 10Q questions and sent them to the vault for safekeeping. It was interesting to see last year's questions and answers, and to see how my focus has shifted. I am no longer consumed by my cancer diagnosis-I have dealt with it and am moving forward. Yes, I'm reminded every day when I look at my chest and see the scars and the fake nipples, but it's just another thing, like the scar on my hand from falling on the broken piece of drainpipe at the lake when we were kids.

Tonight we will pack up to drive to Cleveland for the weekend, and give my father-in-law some respite from caring for his ailing wife. Lou has stepped up and done a lot of cooking over the last two nights and we're going to eat well! Maybe we'll go for a drive and see how the trees look there-it's farther north and may be more into "fall" then we are yet....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baseball and grapes

My husband has become very fond of grapes, particularly the red seedless and black seedless varieties. Their season is coming to an end in the stores here, and I'm not sure what I will find to take their place. To understand this fondness, you must realize that after the pneumonia after the stroke, he quit smoking and major drinking after 30 plus years. He recovered his sense of taste and his desire to eat. He actually gained weight, tipping the scales at a lifetime high of 130 pounds, not much for someone about 5'8"--he still looks like a skinny little guy.....but, he definitely is eating much better! So, we are sitting listening to the Nats game, unfortunately they are losing AGAIN, but the breeze coming in the door is really nice and feels like fall. We're supposed to have temps back in the nineties tomorrow and most of the weekend, with possible thunderstorms, but we will be in Cleveland.

There is not much else to say tonight that doesn't sound like a major whine, and since there is no cheese to have with my whine, I guess I'll just have to skip it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We got trouble

It may not be River City, but we got trouble..... I recently ordered copies of Julia King's book, "Bingo's Big Adventure, A Cat's Tale", for the great nieces and nephews that have arrived in the family over the last few years. I love her photography, and if you read her blog regularly, you know she has a wonderful way with words. The books arrived the other day, but what with Lou's latest hospital adventure, I didn't get to the package until this morning.

It is going to be very TOUGH to wait until Chanukah and Christmas to send this little treasure out. Being a great believer in reading to children, reading with children, listening to them read to me, I'm not sure this little book will stay at Auntie San-Dee's until December. Part of the reason is because it's so precious. Another part is that all the next generation seem to be cat people, and this will prompt wonderful conversations comparing Bingo to those living at home.

On another note, I could say I've been away from blogland because I've been sewing, but that wouldn't exactly be the truth. I have not been sewing, I have not been doing much but a little crochet and a lot of driving back and forth to Georgetown University Hospital. Fortunately, Lou is home, his circulation is better, and I am hoping to resume life "as I knew it" over the next few days. Getting the Roku box from Lill and Jack does not help-now it is easier to watch Netflix instant stuff than if I'd had to take the laptop into the bedroom, hook it up, etc. Now all I have to do is press the remote. Well, at least my fingers are getting some exercise, right?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new sweatshirt

Sunday I bought myself a new hooded sweatshirt. Modell's was having a sale before school starts, and I wanted to get some new sweatpants for Lou. Anyone who knows him knows that his sweats need to be replaced every few years because he uses them as dishcloths, towels, shop towels, etc... and they get completely trashed. I would take a picture and show you, but it's pathetic. Well, right in the corner there was a rack of 50% off and the first thing I saw was a Nationals hoodie. Now, I am and always will be a diehard Indians fan, but since I have been listening and watching the Nats because I won't pay extra for the MLB channels, and it was really more than 50% off, I was weak and bought it. It's pretty nice. The Nats however, are-as I type- losing to the Marlins 16-10. Last night, the game was delayed in Miami 3 hours because of rain... and the Nats lost in the 10th 1-0. In their defense, they are a young ball team, most of the players in their early 20s and 30s. They have signed two "phemons", Strausburg who at 22 is out for at least a season because of upcoming surgery on his elbow (but he is a fantastic pitcher to watch) and Harper, a 17 year old heavy hitter. Maybe he'll be ready next year. As we used to say in Cleveland, "It's a building year".

And on a completely different subject, can we have a vote on whether the period belongs inside or outside the quotation marks? I believe current grammar style is that it belongs inside the mark, but I think it belongs outside to "finish" the comment. Any opinions?

Friday, August 27, 2010


What is inspiration? I think it is that "ah-ha" moment we get whether we expect it or not. It comes from anything and everything. Open up to experiencing it, embracing it and most important: acting on it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ends

The end of August is almost here. The end of this Jewish year is almost here. The end of my nephew's visit to the East Coast, by himself, was Monday. The end of my procrastination with sewing is tomorrow!

I have missed my sewing machine. I have missed that sturdy feel of new cotton before it's washed. Most of all, I have missed making the time to sew for pleasure again. That ends tomorrow. I have a new bulletin board, rescued from the trash at work, and I am going to list my projects to keep on track. I do much better with lists. I have one angel apron to make, then a few for family and friends, and then I want to play around with some ideas for Lilli for Halloween. The Oriental Trading Co. catalog had ostrich feathers on sale, and I think they would be great for angel wings. But, I have to think about it.

News! News! Sarah has an official address in London as of the 29th. I still find it hard to believe she is "across the pond" and I only hope she will keep up her blog once classes start. It is a joy to read her writing.

Lou's health continues to improve; surgery on his clogged arteries is scheduled for Sept 9. Once he's pronounced fit from that, the discussion about his toe will continue. I'm hoping the increased blood flow to his foot will help heal it and the doctor won't have to amputate. Actually, I'm in favor of Omi and Jeff's suggestion that he go someplace warm, with piranhas, so they can eat the dead tissue off. I'm thinking the Keys might be nice....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weather, the good, the bad and the ugly

Last night we had a wonderful breeze blowing the curtains out from the windows, it was about 70 degrees and not humid-basically balmy. I had dreams of cutting the lawn, working a little on the back yard, enjoying an outside day as predicted similar temps and a "slight" chance of rain.

This morning I woke up to gray. To be honest, Violet woke me up because she was hungry. Can't we teach dogs to open the fridge and get their own food in the morning? Better yet, maybe we should get those metal dentures for her, then she could still eat dry kibble and I could use one of those self feeders. But, at 16 I'm not sure we should change her routine. She's a high strung pound puppy who really doesn't adapt well to change.

However, I digress (I love that word!). Not only is it gray, but the telltale sounds of rain falling are greeting me. I can't even say we need the rain because we've had so much of it lately. I can say I'm glad there's no wind with it, there are still people without power from last Thursday's torrent. So, in a span of less than 24 hours, we've had it all, again.

My heart says "ah, perfect day for sewing or getting back into bed with that new book" (and Lilli, it is not Nora Roberts, you'll probably like this novel when you're home again) but my head says "get the laundry started and you can watch the ballgame, if there's no weather delay, while you iron". Being an adult and realizing one's responsibilities is not always fun. It does have its compensations, though, Stephan Strasburg is on deck to pitch today and he is a joy to watch, even when he's not having a day like his opener when he struck out 14. Yes, baseball has been very good to me......

Saturday, August 14, 2010

it's the little things

Yes, it's the little things in life that really count. This morning, I successfully installed the printer driver for Sarah's HP printer on my laptop and Lou's. You must understand that with two daughters and a future son-in-law who are all computer literate, this is not something I have ever bothered to learn. It is something I whine to them about. However, they are all out of the state at the moment-actually, Sarah and Jack are both in London, so I had to do it myself. I was a little hesitant at the 15 steps the download showed, but I really loved it when I attached to the laptop and got the message "cancel this wizard and the system will load the driver itself". Now, that's my kind of computing!

Sarah left for London Thursday evening, and I spent most of yesterday trying to recuperate from the last minute craziness of getting her packed. Today I finished cleaning up Lilli's room so my nephew can sleep there, he's coming in from Oregon via California for a few days. first really long plane ride for him, and the first time he's coming to DC on his own. I'm excited, there's so much cool stuff to do here.

Once he leaves, I will organize my sewing space. I recycled this very large cork board from work last week and plan to list my projects on it so I can get to them. In anticipation of actually getting some holiday sewing done, I ordered about 10 yards of Chanukah themed material last night online. Nothing like stoking up the stash!!

It's good to be back online. Have a happy weekend.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August news

I got up yesterday and realized it was August 1st, not too hard since Louie's birthday was Saturday and it's on July 31st. So, this entry is just an update on the things that have been happening around our family.

Lilli went to Hawaii (fully paid) for a week long workshop on volcanoes. The pictures are fabulous, and in the hundreds, but she did some really cool things and had a great time.

Sarah is on the home stretch before she goes off to London. We have lots of errands to run before the 12th, but it will all get done and she will be off on a real "aventure" as she used to say when she was young.

Louie is doing well with the hyperbaric therapy and hopefully will not have to have surgery on his toe. We'll probably find out next week.

And me-I have decided that I have done enough talking and that it is time to get sewing! so, after Sarah leaves, I will make my master list of projects to sew and begin them. Lots of aprons on the drawing board, lots of coasters and I need to catch up on my quilt blkocks which are siting and staring at me! and maybe, just maybe, I'll get some pictures done and Alan can finally put my website up.

so, that's the news from lake O, and I hope your spirits lift with the sun and get you moving on something you want to do, too!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miss a few days

and blogland just runs past you! So much going on, and I've been removed from it. since I don't have much to say about the past week other than Louie found nirvana at Phantom Fireworks (we stopped on the way to Cleveland) I just want you all who honor me by reading this to go look at the Bingo's Big Adventure web site.

you'll know why I sent you, and buy the book because I'm sure it's a great story, but I know the pictures will be worth everything. Julia is a very talented photographer among the other skills she multitasks, and her California pictures on her blog keep me from missing CA too much........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready, set, go?

Somehow, more than a week has gone by since I was last looking at the blog. Maybe it's because I'm admiring the new appliances too much. We have named the fridge-Moby Fridge in honor of its size. And, I will report that I have NOT hit my head since it was delivered! It is wonderful, and I gave it a pat for my bee balm friend Lizzie...

However, I digress. This post is actually about admitting to something I unashamedly try to get out of at the first opportunity: cooking a meal. I love to bake; I do not love to cook. I do not practice, therefore I am not very good at it. I married a man who can cook, so why should I learn? Anyway, we planned a wonderful dinner for last night to celebrate our 29th anniversary. Lou came home from the hyperbaric therapy exhausted and out of sorts-he let himself become dehydrated without realizing it. I made him take some pain pills for his toe, then he drank two glasses of water before he laid down. Meanwhile, I have Sarah O, Sara B and Henry all ready for dinner. What could I do? I seasoned the steaks, put the bread in the oven, the corn in the microwave, and the green beans on the stove top. I set up the electric skillet I use for latkes, and started cooking, trying to time things to get to the table together. (Don't even ask why we weren't grilling them in the 90+ degree heat) AND--it happened!! everything came out when it was supposed to, and it even tasted good. I was a wreck. Too much pressure for me. Sorry, darling daughters, cooking meals is not a skill you could ever pick up from me. Making stand-up ducks on a crayon lake, cookie press cookies, poppyseed cake-anytime. Meals-go talk to your father.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love it!

The new side by side is here. It needs 24 hrs to come to temperature. It will be hooked up tomorrow to make ice and filtered water. I love it. I am seriously pathetic.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Into the 90s!

Yes, at heart we are little hippie-freaks from the 60/70s, but we have officially joined the 90s this weekend.

In 1991 (or so) the patent for crushing ice and delivering it through the door was granted. Today, I bought a new side by side fridge for the kitchen that has such a device. (It also has a lock in case we have little people visit who would use it until their cup runneth over.......) About three years ago we bought an energystar fridge, making us feel very eco. Since we are basically cheap, we got the traditional freezer on top model. Unfortunately, unless you are about 4'6" tall, every time you reach for something not exactly in front of your face, you have the opportunity to hit your head on the thicker walls of the freezer. I know this from lots of experience over the last three years. I finally told Lou I'm tired of hitting my head. Since he has trouble bending to look in the lower regions, a freezer on the bottom was not in contention. Of course, since my kitchen was built in 1954, and upgraded in the XXs, the dimensions of fridges have changed. Let's just say people will get used to opening and closing the side door with the doorknob really fast if they don't want scrapped skin.

I also bought a new dishwasher. This has been under discussion for about 5 years. It wasn't too bad that it just took a LONG time to run a cycle. It wasn't too bad that it was noisy-we could turn it on and go to bed and not hear it. But when it started backing up and out the emergency overflow and ran all over the counter and the floor, I felt it was telling us something. Since we rarely run it more than once a week unless the girls are home, winding a dish towel around the emergency overflow to guide the water into the sink and backing that up with sponges was working pretty well. You can imagine how the girls accepted that. So, yesterday was the day-I did get talked into the model one up from my original choice, but with good reason. It's one of those ones that senses how much detergent to use, but more importantly, you can run a top rack only cycle. Since we tend to use a lot of glasses and small plates that will fit there, it seemed like a good deal. So, they both come Friday and I will be very happy!

Memorial Day weekend was Commencement Weekend at Brown. Sarah has now commenced. Her sister and aunt conspired to make it unique with personalized t-shirts and m-n-m's (which are definitely one of the coolest things out there and worth whatever they cost!). I am trying to be a gracious person-I am trying not to resent not being able to spend time with Lill, Jack, Lou, Omi, Jeff and Jude in Providence on Thursday and Friday because I had to go to Cleveland and fly in with Si and Peg. Having help with her for the restrooms and plane was the only way he could come to the commencement and I was not about to let anything ruin the weekend for Sarah. I hope her kids fry in Hell because they would not help out for the weekend. Okay-so I guess I'm not that gracious.

Lastly, we bought our roma tomato seedlings today. Hopefully Dave next door will rototill the garden area tomorrow and we can prep the ground and get them in. Pickled tomatoes--here we come!!!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll even get to start sewing again!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I have had a really nice day so far, reading through blog friends' comments, opening e-cards from family, talking on the phone to family, and enjoying watching Lou sit on the love seat and play with his computer. He is home from the little adventure of pneumonia in both lungs which morphed into congestive heart failure and continued to morph into pancreatitis. I love my husband, but he is really trying to win the My Disease Contest, and I really wish he would drop out of this particular contest. However, he is in great spirits and had done a lot of cooking, probably out of self-defense. I did make burgers last night, the mixed meat kind that he likes, and I even shaped them like ovals so they would fit on the mini sub sandwich buns that were in the house. If we have spaghetti and meatballs, baked chicken, manicotti or stuffed cabbage, I will exhaust my meal expertise. He did brighter up when I offered to bake mandel bread or poppyseed cake, so I am redeemed.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's raining

and that is a good thing as it will raise the water table. Though thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon, right now it is a gentle spring rain with a soft breeze, and the sweet smell is drifting in through the open front door and mingling with the scent of freshly brewed coffee. It is a quiet moment of the morning, and I'm reflecting on how fortunate I am. I have a husband who loves me and continues to tell me even after 30 years. I have two daughters who have grown into young women I am proud to call my friends in addition to my daughters. They are caring, responsible, and join their father in bringing bright light to my life. I have two sisters-in-law that have never injected the "in-law" part into our relationships-we have always just been sisters. I am cancer free. I have old friends and new friends. I have hobbies that I love and keep me busy. I want for very little and I know that not many people can say that. I am very fortunate, and though I like to make light and joke about it, I never forget the blessings in my life. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Once upon a time, we spent A LOT of money having a semi shade azalea garden put in the side bed by the driveway. We tended it, watered it, pampered it and did everything the horticulturist told us to do. It did not thrive. It was not happy. Lou and I later found an azalea farm with beautiful and more economical (cheaper) plants. We got two for the front bed on the magnolia side of the yard and they grew beautifully. So I said, Lou, we should do something about these plants, they look terrible. and he answered, well, I was thinking about moving them to the front yard, in the walkway bed and next to the other azaleas. So we did, and they are happy and thriving. A few needed pruning and Lou stuck them in pots, so we have two pretty bonsai azaleas on the deck, enjoying the sun. And the side bed? Well, we took in a tortoise looking for a new home, and the lady giving him away (it had been her son's, he was off at college, and she didn't want to deal...) was thinning out her pachysandra and just going to compost it and I said I'd be glad to take it. It loves the side bed, and in another year or two will probably take over most of it.

Lou is recovering and gaining strength every day. Today I asked if he cared if I went down to sew for a little while. I am 3 months behind on the bee blocks. So, since Lizzie had been waiting the longest, hers was first. she sent us a brown and white print, and asked us to incorporate it into a block that said something about us. Here's what I did:
The springlike flowers represent my love of the outdoors, the two space prints stand for Lou and Lilli, the scientists, and the last print represents Sarah, the soon to be Asian Art authority. I picked a circular pattern block because I believe in the continuity of life and its cycles. though a fancy symbolism for the white and brown print strips would be nice, it doesn't exist-I was making borders to get the block to the size needed.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A month?

Has it really been a month since I posted here? guess so. It's been an eventful month...

On April 9, while we were out for Mexican, my husband suffered a minor stroke. He would not let me take him to the emergency room as he really didn't have stroke symptoms; his symptoms mimicked a spine problem. Given his disintegrating discs, I let him overrule me. When we called the doctor on Saturday morning, he told us to get to emergency where an MRI confirmed that he had had a stroke. Thank G-d we are so lucky: he has only lost the co-ordination in his right hand and leg. His face is fine, his mind is fine. We are so lucky that our local hospital, Suburban, is a National Stroke Center, in conjunction with NIH. After a weekend in the hospital, he was moved to a rehab center. What angels the people who work there are! He made incredible progress and was discharged last Friday afternoon. The Home Health Care nurse came yesterday, and we have appts scheduled with a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. This is in tandem with the deterioration of his toes that has been going on for a while-but I'm not going to talk about that, some readers are too sensitive.

I'm tired. Not only is there the mental stress, but the physical stress related to doing everything. But, I'm fortunate to have lots of friends who are constantly calling and checking in. One of them brought dinner last night-such a mensche kind of thing. Today we did a big shopping and will set up multiple meals to cook-yes, I know it is hard for many of you to believe I can cook-but Lou will be giving directions, so we will not starve.

Violet made a big hit out at the rehab place. Once I got her shots updated and verification of that (good bye dishwasher, once again), I could take her out to the center. Good thing, I was tired of cleaning up "reminders" that she didn't want to be alone. She let lots of people pet her, and didn't bark unless someone came into the room too fast for her. Fortunately we are done with that.

so, this afternoon I will be cooking, laundry, and hopefully catching up on my quilting bee blocks. Hopefully the sunny day outside will inspire me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Helping Hand

I have this really good friend from work, Angie. It's funny because her mom and I are the same age.....but, Angie has been the lifesaver who has helped when we needed someone to stay with the dogs, who drove up to Providence with me to move Lill from one apartment to another (in a snow storm), and who gladly goes to the fabric store whenever the desire strikes us. Like today, she called and asked if I was available because she needed to pick her gram up from the adult daycare center; usually she know beforehand and arranges her day, but today she got a call during the work day. I picked her up at work, we made a quick stop at G Street Fabrics-quick for us when we spend less than $50 each-then a quicker stop at the Jo-Ann's near her house for the current copy of Apronology, then we picked up Gram. From there we took her out for dinner, then stopped for her meds, then I dropped them off and came home. It's rare that she asks for help, she's very self-sufficient. So, we had a great time, actually had the top down for a while before it clouded up. She never let us pay her for all the times she stayed with the dogs while we still had LuLu with us, even dealing with "bonbons" as LuLu's health began to fail. So, at Christmas time I got a great deal on a portable Kenmore sewing machine at Sears (her machine died and hadn't been replaced yet) and got it for her. I thought that was the end of it, but then in January-I might have mentioned it-she gave me a Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday-she had two, but I don't know the story behind that....

The gist of this ramble is that true friends are hard to find, but wonderful for the spirit and heart. If you have a few, nurture them and let them know they are important to you. and with the wonders of email and free long distance evening calling plans, remind those friends far away how much they mean to you. I do, and it warms my heart

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has come

Can't take any pictures to prove it since I can't find my camera, but spring has definitely come to Maryland! The crocus started last Wednesday, quickly followed by the snowdrops and hellebore. Last Thursday as we left for Ohio, two daffs were open; when we got home last evening--there was an explosion of yellow and white in the flower beds. It has rained for the last 24 hours, and my allergies kicked in full force this morning, but I don't care because spring has finally come.

Of course, with spring comes Passover. Since the bandies will be coming down to the district for the spring break week-they just miss the cherry blossom festival-there has been a request for a seder. We will do it in the true O household style, but hopefully this year we will not have people balancing spoons on their noses. We did a test run of the major foods and took them into Ohio over the weekend, and they were GREATLY appreciated. Tomorrow after work starts the reorganization of the house to accommodate company. I really need to get my sewing in one space, my books in the bookcase, and the bedroom cleared out for company. it will be a major effort, but it will get done. Ah, I know you all are snickering, how many times have you heard this before? But, i have this feeling that this might just be the lucky time it happens!! Don't burst my bubble.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ah, William...

Five words for today:

Beware the Ides of March

and watch out for any soothsayers who might come your way. And if there is ANYONE in my acquaintance who doesn't know what that means, go pull out your Shakespeare and look up Julius Caesar.....or I guess, in this day and age, google the statement.......

Love and kisses on a rainy Monday morning to all.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days!!

We have now had two days of sun in a row, I think we'll get spoiled!! It's still pretty chilly outside, but the sun makes up for it.

I am still having pain in my back, and trying to avoid the pain meds because they put me to sleep. I am also trying to get used to typing with the pads of my fingers as I finally broke down and spent the money to have acrylic nails put on. the anti-cancer drug makes my nails really soft, and they are breaking off so low I'm afraid I'll end up with an infection at the worst, and severe pain at the least. they do look pretty nice-I got "sport length" ovals done. Now I need to figure out if I can still do everything else I normally do without using the tips of my "nails".

Everyday now I see a few more daffs coming up in the flower beds. it's such a nice reminder that spring is around the corner. I need to get more birdseed as the big eaters are back. We will have a real adventure when we start cleaning up the yard though we are really lucky not to have lost many branches from the snow weight. As best we can tell, it's just a few on the camellia tree.

I haven't heard from my partner from the martini swap, so I really think this will be the last one for a while. I have to dig out the post office receipt with the tracking number to make sure it was delivered. I find it hard to believe that people can't find a little time to let the sender know the package got there... oh well.

I'm still struggling with the February quilt block because Lizzie wants it to be something that represents each maker, and I'm not an embroiderer, or applique-er, etc. I'm sure I'll figure something out soon-I have to otherwise I will be getting behind again, and I don't want to do that. I have been browsing quilt block websites and am in awe of what I am seeing. I think my favorites are the traditional block patterns done in non-traditional ways. Even though I'm enjoying this tremendously, it hasn't taken over as first love: that will always be aprons. don't know why, just is.

Time for a pain med, off to la-la land.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's not the Ides of March, yet

Well, as long as your name isn't Caesar, you won't have to worry...but then I'm rushing, right? Today is only the 2nd, and the Ides means the 15th. But, you can never be too prepared, and if a soothsayer happens your way, pay attention.

But that isn't really what I wanted to unload. I haven't been writing very faithfully, and I haven't been following my bloggy friends very faithfully, either. I have been just too tired. this working 9 to 5 instead of 8 to 4 in the winter is just dragging me along. It's finally getting lighter when we leave in the morning, and now it's lighter when we get home, and I'm feeling a little better. I think I need my sunshine.

And by the way, as if having cancer wasn't stressful enough and a knock on the old immune system last spring, my body has decided to rebel and I have developed shingles. This is truly another reason why growing older sucks. Pain, rash, itching, blisters, oozing crud; it doesn't get any better than this...

But, I digress. I really wanted to jump on and blog a quick note that the snow is finally almost ALL gone, and that the daffodils are sending up their green shoots!! We may have some jonquils, too, and if you want an explanation of the difference, go over to Julia's blog at "our simple life". Actually, just go to look at her wonderful pictures. she's a scientist with an artist's eye.

And now for the final bit of good news: (Drum roll, bells and whistles) Sarah has been accepted into the Master's Program in Asian Arts at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. the degree is actually awarded through the University of Manchester, and that's not so shabby either! More news will follow as details become available.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tinkerfrog is Back

Celebrating her 100th post, Tara at is sponsoring a giveaway! She's offering a honey bun and probably all kinds of other things if I know her. Go, look, register to win!!!

Still snowing!

Just 24 hours ago, about 6 PM yesterday, this table was cleared of snow. I had cleared most of the snow off the deck because I was worried about the weight with more snow coming. Well, it started last night and is still going on. We are under blizzard warning until 10 PM tonight. I am getting tired of snow.

On the other hand, Lou was busy all day with teleconferencing. So, the government moved on at our house! I also took the opportunity to start catching up on sewing, I've finished both December and January blocks from the Bee Balm, and I'll work on February's tomorrow. I'll finish KS's dress, and pack up the treats for Valentine's day and hope I can get to the post office eventually.

It is obvious we will not be going to Ohio this weekend. The PA turnpike is closed. And that's if we could even get to it. It started snowing last Friday, our street got plowed yesterday. If that's any indication, we'll be enjoying the home fires until the beginning of next week. Thankfully, I was raised to always have a "back-up" and we still have plenty of food and "liquid" refreshment. Violet has been going out to the patio under the deck and can still walk there as the winds haven't filled that area up. The snow in front is higher than she is. Lou saw fox tracks in the snow that sort of stopped at the walkway, I'm hoping the animal took shelter under our bending bushes where there is some cleared space and leaves, etc to push around to stay warm. I'm hoping it's the red fox KS and I saw running through Stone Ridge's trees last December.

The only birds I've seen outside are two mourning doves--no wonder people think they're dumb. I've thrown seed out on the snow, but it gets covered quickly, so I hope they go back to their nest and hunker down like the rest of us.

It is unbelievably quiet outside, and very peaceful. Stay safe if you're in the snow, too, and may your power stay on (peuh,peuh, peuh).

Monday, February 8, 2010

On to Blocks!

I was feeling really guilty that I hadn't finished my apron swap package, so that was my first project today. I finished a sweet satin '50s hostess apron, with fluff, tulle, and a glass applique--definitely not my strongest sewing skill. the package includes a hostess glass, guest invitations and glasses, and a condiment tray from the neighborhood Good Will. she's a bargain hunter, she'll love it. After a cup of tea, I'm going to tackle my online quilting group blocks that backed up due to the everything that happened in Nov-Dec-Jan with the family craziness.

Note to group: I got stuck trying to get out to CVS, Dave helped me push Miss Lucy back into the drive while Lou took the steering wheel, there isn't a plow in sight, there are only going to be two buses on Cedar Lane today, and the latest prediction on the storm hitting tomorrow afternoon has been revised to 10-20 more inches. I love living in the South.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Record breaking?

We are in the midst of a record breaking snowfall. I am so glad I live in the South where it doesn't snow very much (and what idiot said that?)

This is the view out our front door at 8 AM this morning. Last night at 8 the walkway had been shoveled so Violet could walk around.

And this is the view of the driveway that I used the snow thrower on last night. We had about 12 inches when I cleared it. Can you tell?

Fortunately we have all we need to be safe. Hopefully by Monday our street will be plowed.

It's a winter wonderland here, and we are setting up a nice chicken soup to simmer. We'll turn on the music, I'll get to some sewing, and we will be off the streets and out of trouble!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Red Letter, Red Heart

Definitely something to think about, and act on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My goodness, there are some really creative people out there! I realized that I spend way too much time writing or thinking about writing and should be taking pictures of life and stuff. That seems to be THE THING in the blogland visits I make. I do know how to use my camera, and I do know how to download the pictures and get them into my posts; maybe not in really neat ways, but at least they are there. So, I will need to start taking and posting more pictures.

Another note: baking GALS has opened round 16, so if you have some time to bake, some cash to mail a package to a service person, go and see if any of the bios interest you.

Another note: Check out the great martini recipes posted as part of the Martini Madness apron swap at flirty apron. I'm a gin purist, but some of the others sound pretty interesting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FNSI 2/19/10

Oh Yeah! here we go again-except that I will probably be in Providence and taking my FNSI project with me. The 19th is an ice show date for the band, and of the three shows in February, it is the only one I can go to. I hope to video it, and then make a dvd of all four years of ice shows.

But the ice show is not what this post is about. It's about another Friday Night Sew In set for 2/19/10. Again, it doesn't have to be sewing, it's just an opportunity to dedicate some time to UFOs (UnFinshed Objects). I will probably take Will's blanket so that maybe he can get it before he graduates from high school--he was born last October but I didn't hear about it until November.... so, go to and register. Follow the instructions and get in on the give-away, and happy finishing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love birthdays!

They keep coming, so it isn't worth ignoring them. Tomorrow is the last of my 50s birthdays, and it doesn't even seem that weird. I may decide to stay 21, like at the Harbor Inn in the Flats. If Aunt Dorth could be 18 for 60+ birthdays, I can keep being 21.

I really raked it in already, too! Lilli (and Jack, I assume...) got me two CDs I wanted, Rosanne Cash and Susan Boyle. Rosanne's is the the first part of the essential list her father created for her as a teen-it's very cool. Susan's is a little disappointing as she sounds the same on almost all the songs; they didn't vary style very much. But, she has an amazing voice. Then I got a birthday check from my in-laws, always the right size and color! At work we had cake, two kinds because not everyone eats chocolate, do I really know those people? and my cube neighbor, Sean, gave me a newly released dvd of Dr. Who, 1963-1966. VERY COOL. My friend Angie and her mom are giving me a kitchen aid mixer, professional grade, that is a duplicate at their house--and I am not allowed to not take it. I am so blessed with friends and family!

The day (well, on the west coast) started with my little sister (in law) calling to sing me happy birthday, not realizing it's tomorrow. That was fun, and we had a good laugh. Tonight my brother called to get wishes in before we got busy celebrating tomorrow. That was nice, too.

This has been a great day! and it's not over yet.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

FNSI-oh yeah!

So here is my entry into the Friday Night Sew In:

Sarah and I went to the fabric store and got Butterick 4914 and a springy matte jersey print.

I traced her size, cut it out, and started putting it together. I also spent most of Saturday sewing, thinking I could finish it for her to take back to school today, but that didn't happen because I hurt my knee coming upstairs for a try-on. I did have to adjust the side and shoulder seams, but it sure looked cute while she was trying it on. Sleeves are basted in and a ballpark hem will be done, and I'll mail it up to her. She wouldn't let me take any picture to show the work in progress on...but that's KS for you.....

I will also work on my bee balm blocks this weekend, and fix Lill's jeans so she's ready for camping. It feels good to be sewing again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah-ha, a great Ides of January idea!

hi! You know I'm part of the Bee Balm online quilting group. (Which, by the way, will get me a 10% discount at the "fancy" fabric store in town when I flash my card) Well, today I linked to Angie's Chitchat Corner to see what was new with her-she's one of the other Bee Balm-ers, and she was blogging about this Friday night sew in. So of course I went over there to take a look-and it's a great idea! A Friday night set aside to work on a project-like I don't have anything at all around the house, right? check it out, it's just a commitment to yourself to spend some time sewing or whatever-ing on Friday the 15th. Ah, life doesn't get too much better.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

I have my computer back, all to myself. Sarah is out with friends in the District, and Lilli is on a plane back to AZ. Instead of the usual five laptops jockeying for space on the coffee table, only one rests there, and I can again use the table as my footrest. We have had a wonderful few weeks with the girls home, even their usual arguing hasn't made me too crazy. Lilli is flying back to buckle down for research, writing, and orals in April. She's such a marvel to me, beautiful, brilliant, and still my kid who sits on the living room floor wrapping rocks to send to everyone for presents. She's been gone a little over 3 hours, and I'm missing her like crazy already. BUT, she taught me how to use the webcam on skype, so tomorrow we will be chatting with visuals. She also reloaded and fixed my iPod so I can have my music at work or downstairs.

Sarah will be home for another week, and hopefully get what she needs to get done, done. She, too, is a marvel. I learned a lot about Asian Art when we drove to Cleveland; she explained her paper to me and other aspects of dynastic China. it was cool-definitely a "speak in Brown to me" moment.

Speaking of the downstairs, I am at the thinking stage of prioritizing my UFOs to see if they can get finished. This is a recurrent theme on many of the blogs I visit, so I feel I am in esteemed company. Either that, or we all start way too many things and get sidetracked into other projects. Gee, quilting comes to mind--how I never got into it earlier is beyond me, and to see the stash I've built already, in a few short months, is gratifying-or sick, depending on your point of view.

Tomorrow I have promised to finish up errands with Sarah, then the time will be mine to start on sewing stuff. I have a few online quilting bee blocks to do, all the sets of coasters I cut but didn't make as Christmas gifts-I will be so far ahead next year!-the prototype for the martini madness swap which I promised to Lilli, the baby blankets to finish before the boys graduate from high school, Lilli's blouses, and Sarah wants me to look at a few patterns she bookmarked. Then, there is the mending and patching of jeans to get to. So, if I can carve out that time for myself, I have lots of things to keep me happy. Or, I could just curl up with a nice cup of tea and some of the "new to us" books from yesterday's jaunt to the used bookstore.

Last, but not least, I need to report that I did bake cookie press cookies this morning for the girls as promised. I colored them, but only pressed out trees and swirls. I did learn two things: one- I don't like gel food coloring, and two- like riding a bike, I haven't forgotten how to make them. My Grandma Reva, not to mention Aunt Lill, would be proud.