Monday, October 25, 2010

It has been SO busy!

I have been so busy I'm not sure what I've been doing! A week ago I sat down and sewed for the first time in forever. I hate to admit it-but last December I was asked to angel a Halloween package for a lady who had been stiffed twice on Halloween swaps. I agreed right away, then stuff happened and we all know what that means. Anyway, I felt guilty that I hadn't gotten it together, so I made the apron and put together a sweet package of fun Halloween stuff. I combined a few patterns to get the look I wanted, and the best part-the black material has little green bats that glow in the dark! I just love the look of the tiered layers in the back.
So, it went out to Canada last week and I hope she enjoys it. Next on my list is Lillian's smock type apron for her shaking experiment. She needs to keep the fine dust off. Then, hopefully, I will make up my mind about what to sew for holiday aprons. Lou has been really good about not saying anything about the mountains of material that are growing in the dining room, but it isn't fair to him to continue piling with no end in sight.

I probably should babble on about other things, but I'm getting tired and still need to set up coffee and get clothes ready for work tomorrow. Maybe I can be better about writing in the future-or maybe not-


  1. I just had to put this up at TAG. :)

  2. ...or you can just make me another cute apron since my experiments are all over. :P

    we definitely need to make some sewing plans when I am home!