Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ends

The end of August is almost here. The end of this Jewish year is almost here. The end of my nephew's visit to the East Coast, by himself, was Monday. The end of my procrastination with sewing is tomorrow!

I have missed my sewing machine. I have missed that sturdy feel of new cotton before it's washed. Most of all, I have missed making the time to sew for pleasure again. That ends tomorrow. I have a new bulletin board, rescued from the trash at work, and I am going to list my projects to keep on track. I do much better with lists. I have one angel apron to make, then a few for family and friends, and then I want to play around with some ideas for Lilli for Halloween. The Oriental Trading Co. catalog had ostrich feathers on sale, and I think they would be great for angel wings. But, I have to think about it.

News! News! Sarah has an official address in London as of the 29th. I still find it hard to believe she is "across the pond" and I only hope she will keep up her blog once classes start. It is a joy to read her writing.

Lou's health continues to improve; surgery on his clogged arteries is scheduled for Sept 9. Once he's pronounced fit from that, the discussion about his toe will continue. I'm hoping the increased blood flow to his foot will help heal it and the doctor won't have to amputate. Actually, I'm in favor of Omi and Jeff's suggestion that he go someplace warm, with piranhas, so they can eat the dead tissue off. I'm thinking the Keys might be nice....


  1. Mom, do not order the ostrich feathers. The angels are made of stone....real feathers don't look like stone!

  2. OMG - I hope they didn't have to amputate...instead of pirannas, don't they use maggots to eat dead cells away? Either way, it's pretty gross and I don't want to think about it.

    I hope he's doing ok, though, and that you are feeling well also! Having ones health really is everything!