Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love birthdays!

They keep coming, so it isn't worth ignoring them. Tomorrow is the last of my 50s birthdays, and it doesn't even seem that weird. I may decide to stay 21, like at the Harbor Inn in the Flats. If Aunt Dorth could be 18 for 60+ birthdays, I can keep being 21.

I really raked it in already, too! Lilli (and Jack, I assume...) got me two CDs I wanted, Rosanne Cash and Susan Boyle. Rosanne's is the the first part of the essential list her father created for her as a teen-it's very cool. Susan's is a little disappointing as she sounds the same on almost all the songs; they didn't vary style very much. But, she has an amazing voice. Then I got a birthday check from my in-laws, always the right size and color! At work we had cake, two kinds because not everyone eats chocolate, do I really know those people? and my cube neighbor, Sean, gave me a newly released dvd of Dr. Who, 1963-1966. VERY COOL. My friend Angie and her mom are giving me a kitchen aid mixer, professional grade, that is a duplicate at their house--and I am not allowed to not take it. I am so blessed with friends and family!

The day (well, on the west coast) started with my little sister (in law) calling to sing me happy birthday, not realizing it's tomorrow. That was fun, and we had a good laugh. Tonight my brother called to get wishes in before we got busy celebrating tomorrow. That was nice, too.

This has been a great day! and it's not over yet.....


  1. Jack refuses to have anything to do with Susan that one is not from him at all. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday San-Dee, yes I had my last 50s birthday last year, I might just have to start the decade again this year, LOL!

  3. Happy B-Day San-Dee. I too am celebrating the last year in my 30's next week.... 39 feels a bit ouchy to say but I feel fine!!