Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tinkerfrog is Back

Celebrating her 100th post, Tara at is sponsoring a giveaway! She's offering a honey bun and probably all kinds of other things if I know her. Go, look, register to win!!!

Still snowing!

Just 24 hours ago, about 6 PM yesterday, this table was cleared of snow. I had cleared most of the snow off the deck because I was worried about the weight with more snow coming. Well, it started last night and is still going on. We are under blizzard warning until 10 PM tonight. I am getting tired of snow.

On the other hand, Lou was busy all day with teleconferencing. So, the government moved on at our house! I also took the opportunity to start catching up on sewing, I've finished both December and January blocks from the Bee Balm, and I'll work on February's tomorrow. I'll finish KS's dress, and pack up the treats for Valentine's day and hope I can get to the post office eventually.

It is obvious we will not be going to Ohio this weekend. The PA turnpike is closed. And that's if we could even get to it. It started snowing last Friday, our street got plowed yesterday. If that's any indication, we'll be enjoying the home fires until the beginning of next week. Thankfully, I was raised to always have a "back-up" and we still have plenty of food and "liquid" refreshment. Violet has been going out to the patio under the deck and can still walk there as the winds haven't filled that area up. The snow in front is higher than she is. Lou saw fox tracks in the snow that sort of stopped at the walkway, I'm hoping the animal took shelter under our bending bushes where there is some cleared space and leaves, etc to push around to stay warm. I'm hoping it's the red fox KS and I saw running through Stone Ridge's trees last December.

The only birds I've seen outside are two mourning doves--no wonder people think they're dumb. I've thrown seed out on the snow, but it gets covered quickly, so I hope they go back to their nest and hunker down like the rest of us.

It is unbelievably quiet outside, and very peaceful. Stay safe if you're in the snow, too, and may your power stay on (peuh,peuh, peuh).

Monday, February 8, 2010

On to Blocks!

I was feeling really guilty that I hadn't finished my apron swap package, so that was my first project today. I finished a sweet satin '50s hostess apron, with fluff, tulle, and a glass applique--definitely not my strongest sewing skill. the package includes a hostess glass, guest invitations and glasses, and a condiment tray from the neighborhood Good Will. she's a bargain hunter, she'll love it. After a cup of tea, I'm going to tackle my online quilting group blocks that backed up due to the everything that happened in Nov-Dec-Jan with the family craziness.

Note to group: I got stuck trying to get out to CVS, Dave helped me push Miss Lucy back into the drive while Lou took the steering wheel, there isn't a plow in sight, there are only going to be two buses on Cedar Lane today, and the latest prediction on the storm hitting tomorrow afternoon has been revised to 10-20 more inches. I love living in the South.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Record breaking?

We are in the midst of a record breaking snowfall. I am so glad I live in the South where it doesn't snow very much (and what idiot said that?)

This is the view out our front door at 8 AM this morning. Last night at 8 the walkway had been shoveled so Violet could walk around.

And this is the view of the driveway that I used the snow thrower on last night. We had about 12 inches when I cleared it. Can you tell?

Fortunately we have all we need to be safe. Hopefully by Monday our street will be plowed.

It's a winter wonderland here, and we are setting up a nice chicken soup to simmer. We'll turn on the music, I'll get to some sewing, and we will be off the streets and out of trouble!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Red Letter, Red Heart

Definitely something to think about, and act on.