Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, my, how it's changed

Blogger has changed.  I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with this-all the reading to find out how things are now, so it will be interesting to see if this posts correctly.

It's been an interesting few months around here dealing with old people problems.  Both Lou and I are in the cycle of cataract surgery.  My first eye went really well and easy, the second is a bit trickier.  Due to some difference in my eyeball, the doctor had to take out the first lens she put in and replace it with a second one.  This caused a lot of swelling of the cornea.  Looking through it is like looking through someone's bathroom window covered in translucent contact paper.... a beautiful haze.  It's made driving a real experience this last week.  I can now recognize letters through the haze, so I know it's healing.  I just wish it was done already!

Lou wasn't that lucky.  The surgery went well, but his drop schedule got interrupted by a two night stay in ICU, and swelling resulted so he's still trying to get normal before the second eye is done.  He's got some rare condition where he bleeds into his stomach which then causes a drop in blood pressure and oxygen in his system because of the blood volume loss.  Obviously, we are now starting a new count of "months we do not go to Emergency or end up in the hospital" having broken the 2 months we had going.

The sad news is that we did not go to Paris for our 30th anniversary last year.  We went to the west coast for our nephew's bar mitzvah.  The good news is that we are going to the beach for our 31st anniversary!  Lou was lamenting he wanted a week at the beach, so I called our favorite place to stay in Cocoa Beach and checked availability.  I emailed him at work and asked him to request a certain week of time off.  When he emailed it had been approved, I called the Wakulla ( and made a reservation, made plane reservations and reserved a car.  Pretty soon we'll be out looking for turtles at night!

Another good news piece is that I have now "graduated" to 6 month visits to the oncologist!  This month marks 3 years cancer free!  I continue to be "Plus 1", one more of the millions of people who have successfully won the battle against cancer.  Do yourself a favor, keep your screenings up to date.  It's a whole lot easier than going through the surgery and rehab!