Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Nothing

A million years ago, my bro-in-law Jeff and I used to listen to an album from the Fugs. They had a song that started with "Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing...." you can imagine the lack of creativity of this song, or maybe not. Well, today was Thursday Nothing for me. I think I needed to do nothing, and I did. After I got Lou settled into his "office" with his snacks, liquids, pills, etc. I went back to bed and just dozed on and off for most of the day. It was raining and a good place to be. I got up late afternoon, and we had a wonderful conversation on gvoice with Sarah. She sounds good, had a profitable day at school, then found a few items of clothing and was on her way home to study while we chatted. Almost as soon as we hung up Lilli called, and was letting us know she'd be working on her paper or whatever out by the pool. It's so good for her to be in that great weather, not to mention how healthy she looks and feels.

Tomorrow we have the first dressing change on Lou's foot, and will get our next set of instructions. I'm ready, and I think up to the challenge. i think I might actually get some stuff done around the house, too. I have lots of coasters cut and ready to put together, and then I can concentrate on aprons. My friend, Angie, even in SC is badgering me about keeping to the schedule we made for getting "product" created. She should talk, since she moved I don't even think she can FIND her jewelry fixings....but, that's what friends are for.


  1. Sometimes, doing nothing is exactly the right thing to do. I think we have to listen to our body, when it says rest, we should rest...
    Take care,

  2. A nothing thursday sounds just about right! The surgery sound like it was stressful but now things are stabilizing. Thank goodness. Keep rested. Do something you enjoy. Good thoughts for you from me!!!