Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, tiring Tuesday

I think all the hustle and bustle from the weekend has caught up with me today, it's very hard to keep my eyeballs open, but I don't want to miss the chance to watch the Nats lose to the Phillies again tonight. Can't even be pissed at the Phillies, they just play nice, clean baseball. I hope they make it to the World Series. Of course, as a former (but in my heart always-and hope to in retirement be) northern Californian, I am also rooting for the Giants. Buster Posey was actually a student of my father-in-law's at FSU.

Looks like I'm getting back into the business-two people at work have asked me to do a few sewing jobs for them. One was nice enough to say, "I know I could take this to the cleaners', but I'd rather have someone I know and trust do it". it involves repair on a beaded bag that was her mother's-I know it's a cherished item and I'll treat it as such.

The Beebalm is getting ready to start another round. I'm hoping over the weekend to catch up on the blocks I didn't finish, and be all ready to start fresh. It's so amazing to me to be involved with a group literally all over the world.

Meetings for the Pomegranate Guild start this month, too. I feel bad, all the planning meetings were on my workdays, so how can I feel like I really did anything as one of the content organizers? I did make a few suggestions, and I can up with something else that might be fun-has anyone out there ever made wine charms? I think if we could get a variety of Jewish themed charms, it might be fun.

Well, off to baseball.....

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a good week. I'm trying to catch up with my visiting. It's difficult when you want to see everyone and still need to get stuff done around the house! Thank God I'm a relaxed housekeeper or else I'd never get anything crocheted ;-)

    Take care :-)
    Doris and Gizzy