Saturday, October 30, 2010

We can make it!

WARNING: Details may be gory to some!!!

Lou had his surgery on Thursday, and the doctor ended up doing a tma, trans meditarsal (sp?) amputation. There was not enough circulation to guarantee the skin would heal if just the bad toes were taken, so he had to go down far enough to be sure good flow would heal the skin flap. It was done as an out-patient surgery; I brought him home thursday night. It was fine while the hospital meds were still in his system, then the roller coaster began. We have had 48 hours of 7-9 level pain, moderated by "tolerable" pain when the drugs kick in. It is extremely painful, but they did warn us this would happen. Unfortunately I feel so useless as there is really nothing I can do to help. Fortunately Lou has fallen into a deep sleep for the last hour and a half which is what he needs. Deep enough that the vacuum running did not even wake him. So, while he is sleeping, I am doing some long neglected cleaning chores and laundry, and hoping to get to my sewing blocks this afternoon. One good thing that was a brilliant idea on his part: we are using the computer desk chair to get him from the bedroom to the living room and back since he cannot put any weight on the foot.

We had our first frost last night. Thankfully we heard the forecast while listening to the radio, so all the plants that can't take a frost got moved into the house. They need a good watering, but I think they are happy to be under the grow lights again. Nobody seems too shocked to be back inside.

I do need to make a quick run to the store today, and then we will settle into NCISes and later the baseball game: GO GIANTS!!!!!!

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  1. San-Dee my thoughts are with you as you help your man battle the pain, please remember to take care of yourself too, you need to stay well for both of you. Take each day as it comes and stay positive...