Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new sweatshirt

Sunday I bought myself a new hooded sweatshirt. Modell's was having a sale before school starts, and I wanted to get some new sweatpants for Lou. Anyone who knows him knows that his sweats need to be replaced every few years because he uses them as dishcloths, towels, shop towels, etc... and they get completely trashed. I would take a picture and show you, but it's pathetic. Well, right in the corner there was a rack of 50% off and the first thing I saw was a Nationals hoodie. Now, I am and always will be a diehard Indians fan, but since I have been listening and watching the Nats because I won't pay extra for the MLB channels, and it was really more than 50% off, I was weak and bought it. It's pretty nice. The Nats however, are-as I type- losing to the Marlins 16-10. Last night, the game was delayed in Miami 3 hours because of rain... and the Nats lost in the 10th 1-0. In their defense, they are a young ball team, most of the players in their early 20s and 30s. They have signed two "phemons", Strausburg who at 22 is out for at least a season because of upcoming surgery on his elbow (but he is a fantastic pitcher to watch) and Harper, a 17 year old heavy hitter. Maybe he'll be ready next year. As we used to say in Cleveland, "It's a building year".

And on a completely different subject, can we have a vote on whether the period belongs inside or outside the quotation marks? I believe current grammar style is that it belongs inside the mark, but I think it belongs outside to "finish" the comment. Any opinions?

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  1. Oh I so need to buy some sweat shirts. I wore one that I bought in 1988 today. Yes. It's from UCD. It has holes in the sleeves and the iron on letters are cracked but I still wear it. I am wearing things till they disintegrate.

    And on the "'s. I believe it goes like this. She said, "I think my bread is burning." I'm pretty sure that is standard.

    Bye for now!!! Hope the books have arrived. :)