Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Holidays are upon us!

I hope everyone has had a happy Thanksgiving weekend, sharing food, love and laughter with people you care about. We had a quiet day watching the wind blow everything around, and did the same on Friday!

I have received an early Chanukah gift, as if Chanukah wasn't early enough this year (first candle is Wednesday night). Lill and Jack got me a wireless mouse. To most computer literate people this probably is one of those "duh-uh" sort of things, but to me, who doesn't get rid of anything that still might have a useful life no matter how inconvenient, it's a luxury! Right now, the coffee table is shoved closer to the couch to allow Lou's wheelchair to roll up to the love seat, so the space to move on the couch side is very narrow, not to mention clogged with the cords of my laptop and mouse. Now, I get to take away one, cutting the chance of tripping by 50%! Thank you, kids!! Now the other wish list things move up a notch-nothing really spectacular-I'd like a timer for the kitchen that continues to make noise rather than one beep or ding, I'd like a new turkey baster since ours got cracked in the junk drawer. And that's about it. Everything else is non-material; I'd like continued health for myself and continued recovery for Lou, I'd like my girls to continue to grow as women taking on the world on their terms and to keep thinking I'm cool no matter how I age or what I wear:-), I'd like my sib and sibs-in-law to be happy doing what they are doing. I'd like my friends, both physical and online, to know they are appreciated in ways I cannot verbalize-imagine, an English major having trouble with words.

So, now I'm off to sew Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas chotzkes for the folks around here and get my chocolates started. Next thing you know, it'll be cookie press cookies.....


  1. I'm glad your husband is making progress. Everything is quiet here - I'm, after all, living alone, and can avoid the holiday madness and concentrate on what's really important - as you say, the non-material, things in life.

    I wish you a happy Chanukah (in advance) and hope that all (or most) of your wishes come true!

  2. Hi San-dee!

    You have wonderful thoughts for these holidays and I am feeling much the same. Wanting good health for my family and friends is paramount.

    Suzi and I are doing a cookie exchange on the 17th so if you have any must make cookies to suggest let me know!