Sunday, October 31, 2010

Running on half-full

After 48 hours of 24/7 Nancy nursing, I got some sleep last night. I'm not sure Lou has a handle on controlling the pain-he basically slept all day yesterday and then was up most of the night, is now sleeping again-but he didn't need my help and I actually slept a lot of the night. What a difference a few winks can make!!

I decided the best thing was to do the "mindless' chores yesterday, so I vacuumed, oiled the wood, organized the baby blankets to send out this week, and started laundry. I have one load left to dry and fold, then that task gets checked off, too.

Today I am going to sew my online bee block so I can honestly say I did it in October!! I have learned so much this past year and I'm looking forward to the next one. And the community of friends I've made has been fantastic. I don't think I could have gotten through the cancer adventure or Lou's stroke/vascular problems/amputation adventure without them and my family.

So, to fill y'all in on eldercaring: for their 35th anniversary, we sent a super-sized Tower of Treats from Harry and David, and my sister-in-law made a photo album for them. Not only were the gifts a HUGE success, but greatly appreciated for their fun factor. Peg loves having all the little boxes to open, and Si loves all the treats. She may not recognize a lot of the photos, but it's giving him a lot of joy to look at and explain to her. So-we done good!! We are a little more at ease for the present because Si has arranged for respite night care, at least on the nights before he teaches, and has a whole team in place now. Of course, he's complaining about keeping track of all the comings and goings, but in all honesty, what else is he doing with his time?

One thing I really need to acknowledge here is family. My cousin has been on stand-by because he lives about 10 minutes from the house and we have repeated told Si to call if he's in a jam. Well, that happened this week when he needed to pickup a prescription for Peg. He finally called the cell, but Alan didn't answer right away and Si didn't leave a message. When Alan called back, he found that Si had tried the house, and Alan's wife, Marcia, was already on her way over to help out. What can I say? Technically, these folks aren't related, and these adventures are definitely not on their radar, but they stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam. They also made my sister-in-law almost cry when I told her about it--me too--love you both, lots!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We can make it!

WARNING: Details may be gory to some!!!

Lou had his surgery on Thursday, and the doctor ended up doing a tma, trans meditarsal (sp?) amputation. There was not enough circulation to guarantee the skin would heal if just the bad toes were taken, so he had to go down far enough to be sure good flow would heal the skin flap. It was done as an out-patient surgery; I brought him home thursday night. It was fine while the hospital meds were still in his system, then the roller coaster began. We have had 48 hours of 7-9 level pain, moderated by "tolerable" pain when the drugs kick in. It is extremely painful, but they did warn us this would happen. Unfortunately I feel so useless as there is really nothing I can do to help. Fortunately Lou has fallen into a deep sleep for the last hour and a half which is what he needs. Deep enough that the vacuum running did not even wake him. So, while he is sleeping, I am doing some long neglected cleaning chores and laundry, and hoping to get to my sewing blocks this afternoon. One good thing that was a brilliant idea on his part: we are using the computer desk chair to get him from the bedroom to the living room and back since he cannot put any weight on the foot.

We had our first frost last night. Thankfully we heard the forecast while listening to the radio, so all the plants that can't take a frost got moved into the house. They need a good watering, but I think they are happy to be under the grow lights again. Nobody seems too shocked to be back inside.

I do need to make a quick run to the store today, and then we will settle into NCISes and later the baseball game: GO GIANTS!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

It has been SO busy!

I have been so busy I'm not sure what I've been doing! A week ago I sat down and sewed for the first time in forever. I hate to admit it-but last December I was asked to angel a Halloween package for a lady who had been stiffed twice on Halloween swaps. I agreed right away, then stuff happened and we all know what that means. Anyway, I felt guilty that I hadn't gotten it together, so I made the apron and put together a sweet package of fun Halloween stuff. I combined a few patterns to get the look I wanted, and the best part-the black material has little green bats that glow in the dark! I just love the look of the tiered layers in the back.
So, it went out to Canada last week and I hope she enjoys it. Next on my list is Lillian's smock type apron for her shaking experiment. She needs to keep the fine dust off. Then, hopefully, I will make up my mind about what to sew for holiday aprons. Lou has been really good about not saying anything about the mountains of material that are growing in the dining room, but it isn't fair to him to continue piling with no end in sight.

I probably should babble on about other things, but I'm getting tired and still need to set up coffee and get clothes ready for work tomorrow. Maybe I can be better about writing in the future-or maybe not-

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lost in space

So, to repeat:

(I really hate it when stuff I type gets lost because I hit the wrong key)

The doctor's office has set Lou's surgery for Monday morning. Hopefully he will finally be out of pain once he heals. I am so ready for him to be comfortable again.

My friend Angie has resurfaced in South Carolina. I am glad that she did not disappear completely after getting riffed at work. We had a nice catch up on gchat, and now I have a phone number for her, I can bug her again.

It was strange: going into the fabric store without Angie today. Most of the fabric forays over the last 2-3 years have been with Angie, a bigger fabricolic than I am. But, I survived. I got an outerwear zipper for a jacket I'm repairing, a nice half yard bundle of 5 fabrics to try some gift ideas, and a nice tight cotton weave for Lilli's apron. She needs it to keep the dust off from her rock shaking stuff-so I'm going to get it done this weekend and it will go out next week.

Then I went to AC Moore but they don't have the 99 cent gloves in yet, the kind that stretch to fit anyone. We have found these are the best for Lou to wear to keep his fingers warm when the temperature drops, those fancy Reynaud's Syndrome gloves I bought last year were junk. Expensive junk, but still junk. At least we have a few pairs from last year to get us started this fall.

Then I got a call from Lill that she needed some sequined material to finish her Halloween costume. I went back to G Street and got an exact match for the dress I made her-at least I think it is... so, that will get packed up and off to the post office tomorrow morning, too.

I found a bunch of nice longsleeved tops at Tar-jay today and have gotten them packed up with Sarah's Madeleine costume. I can't find the noise canceling headphones, but they may be downstairs in her school stuff. I will search tomorrow morning when I am fresh.

We are having absolutely spectacular fall weather today, and the weekend is supposed to be just as gorgeous. I sure hope so!

and best yet, my sewing machine is ready for me to play tomorrow. things are really good in my world today!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunny day!

After a number of cloudy, stormy days we are enjoying a Saturday of sunshine and mild temperatures. The best way to describe it is to say it "feels" like fall: a sunny sky, a slight breeze, leaves starting to turn colors and fall from the trees. I enjoy all of it, mostly, until I have to rake the leaves! I'm hoping this year to just cruise over them with the mulching lawn mower and hope that does it or find a neighborhood kid who wants to earn a few dollars raking leaves. Do people even rake leaves anymore? Or do they all blow them around with those noisy things?

In a spurt of energy this morning I got laundry started and paperwork organization started. the laundry's easier! Lou has been telecommuting so his wardrobe doesn't change much, comfy pajama pants or sweats, and a thermal shirt. I only work three days, so i don't go through much "good" stuff, then it's mainly jeans and t-shirts. The paperwork on the other hand...... let's just say a mountain has grown up on the table and the kitchen counter, and hopefully it will all be filed by tonight, tomorrow morning, tops. I have to be honest, a lot of it is just stuff that came in the mail and I didn't get into the recycling bin right away. But now it's separated out and I will get back to it after a short nap. I love napping on afternoons like today.

Tomorrow afternoon, after the grocery shopping, I am going to sit down and do some sewing. since Lou is not a football fan, I can watch downstairs and sew and not feel guilty at all. I get to watch, I get to sew-win/win as far as I am concerned. Lots of stuff on my to-do list, I doubt I will start anything new, I just need to get back in that sewing game. I'm about 8 inches short of finishing the latest crocheted baby afghan and to be honest, I hope the family stops having babies for a year or so. There have been four babies born since June, and I am two blankets behind already. It's nice, two girls and two boys. But, I need a break from baby afghans.

The next round of our online quilting bee will be starting soon, and I'm excited because I have learned so much this past year from these other women. I still have some blocks to catch up on, and they have graciously not given me crap about it. So, I have lots of things to start and stay busy with.

Happy weekend!