Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baseball and grapes

My husband has become very fond of grapes, particularly the red seedless and black seedless varieties. Their season is coming to an end in the stores here, and I'm not sure what I will find to take their place. To understand this fondness, you must realize that after the pneumonia after the stroke, he quit smoking and major drinking after 30 plus years. He recovered his sense of taste and his desire to eat. He actually gained weight, tipping the scales at a lifetime high of 130 pounds, not much for someone about 5'8"--he still looks like a skinny little guy.....but, he definitely is eating much better! So, we are sitting listening to the Nats game, unfortunately they are losing AGAIN, but the breeze coming in the door is really nice and feels like fall. We're supposed to have temps back in the nineties tomorrow and most of the weekend, with possible thunderstorms, but we will be in Cleveland.

There is not much else to say tonight that doesn't sound like a major whine, and since there is no cheese to have with my whine, I guess I'll just have to skip it!

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  1. Have you ever tried frezing grapes? You might want to try doing that...just buy as many as you can and freeze them for him to enjoy later. I like them frozen.

    Speaking of a breeze, I have started to open up the apartment again after being closed tight and major A/C bills. It's been nice in the mornings, about 72 and I have been enjoying it, drinking my coffee outside and listening and watching the silly birds. The mockingbirds are at it again...guess they're going to have one more brood before winter.

    During the day it's still pretty hot like where you live (in the 90s) but I can sure tell Fall is here in the mornings when I can't wait to rip open all windows and doors.