Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weather, the good, the bad and the ugly

Last night we had a wonderful breeze blowing the curtains out from the windows, it was about 70 degrees and not humid-basically balmy. I had dreams of cutting the lawn, working a little on the back yard, enjoying an outside day as predicted similar temps and a "slight" chance of rain.

This morning I woke up to gray. To be honest, Violet woke me up because she was hungry. Can't we teach dogs to open the fridge and get their own food in the morning? Better yet, maybe we should get those metal dentures for her, then she could still eat dry kibble and I could use one of those self feeders. But, at 16 I'm not sure we should change her routine. She's a high strung pound puppy who really doesn't adapt well to change.

However, I digress (I love that word!). Not only is it gray, but the telltale sounds of rain falling are greeting me. I can't even say we need the rain because we've had so much of it lately. I can say I'm glad there's no wind with it, there are still people without power from last Thursday's torrent. So, in a span of less than 24 hours, we've had it all, again.

My heart says "ah, perfect day for sewing or getting back into bed with that new book" (and Lilli, it is not Nora Roberts, you'll probably like this novel when you're home again) but my head says "get the laundry started and you can watch the ballgame, if there's no weather delay, while you iron". Being an adult and realizing one's responsibilities is not always fun. It does have its compensations, though, Stephan Strasburg is on deck to pitch today and he is a joy to watch, even when he's not having a day like his opener when he struck out 14. Yes, baseball has been very good to me......

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  1. Hi San-dee,

    Thanks for your good wishes last week. I was feeling very bleak and dark for a few days there. But luckily the meds kicked in and helped in a few days. Dog dentures. Now that would be a sight to see. I'm sure there is some dog dentist out there who would love to make some big dollars making those.... LOL. ;)

    Bye for now,