Sunday, January 6, 2013

The new year

The new year is underway and lots of exciting things are going on around our neck of the woods.

The stained, smelly rug was finally removed from the blue room downstairs and Lou and I learned to use a heat gun to remove vinyl tiles (thanks, Big Lou!).  We had the walls washed after he did some spackling and sanding, and had a wonderful painter, Carlos, do the room and the stairwell.  He did a fantastic job of priming and painting, and spackling and sanding the areas he didn't feel we did well enough..... the room will now be known as the pearl room because the wall coloring is Pearl Drop (Behr from Home Depot).  Today we looked at flooring options and will make a decision very soon and get that put down.  Then molding, then the furniture returns from its vacation on the patio under the deck.  It will probably be very happy to move back in.

Wedding plans for daughter #1 are proceeding along.  The save the date cards will go out this week.  We've talked about clothing options for the guys, the attendants' dress style and color is picked, DD1 played with trying on dresses at David's Bridal and all I can say is that I will probably not be wearing makeup the day of the wedding because she was so beautiful in the trying on stage, without hair or makeup done, that when her day really is here, I will most likely be crying most of the day.  We're making lists and have lots of friends who are offering help and will be figuring out what they'll be doing as we move along.

DD2 will be getting a new computer before she leaves for China in February.  She applied for and was accepted into a program to teach English and a course of her choosing at Beijinj Normal University for six months.  What an adventure.  She'll get to use the Mandarin she's been learning for a year or so, she'll get to sightsee and travel, and hopefully she'll be able to come home through London and visit her friends there for a bit.  She'll be back in time to help with the final count down to the wedding and that will be a big help to me.

I am part of an online quilting bee starting in February.  The Bee Balm has been around for a few years, the membership changes a little each time, but it's a wonderful worldwide group of women who have come to know each other and enjoy our shared love of sewing.  Thanks to Beebee in Louisiana for taking over the current organization, and Liz in Australia for updating the site.  I'm looking forward to sewing again, in a sewing space, in the newly redone pearl room!  My block is in the summer, but I'll probably decide what it will be sooner and get it organized.  As I write, I am leaning against the wonderful quilt these ladies crafted for me last year when I was having such a difficult year between Lou's health and dealing with out of state eldercare.  The love just envelopes me every time I snuggle!

So, it's nice to be back to the blog, and hopefully it will get an updated look once all the organization of getting DD2 to China has been completed and she's on her way.  Otherwise, it will be same old-same old background, but hopefully some new musings and pictures.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!