Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing Again!!

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be able to sit down and do some sewing! I am involved in two online quilting block bees, and they are a challenge as I feel my quilting knowledge is still elementary.

I have realized a few things: I can make a huge mess in a very short time, I tend to choose blues, reds and brights, I don't sew with green and I have a lot of Asian and space inspired prints (my daughters' interests).

Sorting out the table, I found as many UFOs as I thought might be hanging around. There are probably more in the bins by the laundry area, but at this point I don't need to find them. They will find me when they are ready-some are sewing some are crochet. I'm finding crochet a bit of a challenge right now as I have developed some arthritis in my hand. My recently retired sister-in-law seems to be having the same issue. Something is definitely wrong with the scheme of things that as we start to have the time to really enjoy our crafts we are physically challenged to do them. I'll have to think on this a while. For right now, I'm heading back to the sewing table.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did you know?

that you can buy an extension cord for your headphones? Monday night Lou and I were at Radio Shack getting a new camera card for the camera before I sent it to Sarah for the china trip (4 GB, saves about 2800+ pictures-who knew?) and we were being helped by a very nice young man and I off handly asked him if they had long headphone cords because at work my headphones keep me on a pretty "short leash" as Sean says (he's the kid who sits in the cube next to mine, sort of an honorary son). Mark said they didn't have long headphone cords, but they did carry extension cords for headphones. I bought an 8 ft cord, and yesterday and today have been enjoying my music at work all day long. I can move from my chair to the printer and the fax and do just about everything in my cube area. It's fantastic. I've missed music since I had to stop turning it on-the guy in the cube on the other side asked me to stop playing it "out loud" because it was side-tracking him from what he needed to be doing since he's slightly adhd. So, not only do I have the radio stations I enjoy, I have Pandora, though Lill says there's a better online source now, and I have my cds. It was great, and my ears aren't even sore. Now, I just need to figure out a little clip to use to keep the cord from being weighted down. Life is good, music is better!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schedule, what schedule?

I am usually very good about keeping to a schedule, and I have realized that January got away from me because I did not make a schedule. I think I am losing February for the same reason. I usually use these very cute daily log sheets, and fill them out on Sunday night for the week. The problem is that I have a new planner for this year, and my old sheets do not fit it. So, my immediate goal on Monday is to use the sizing feature on the copier at work to get the size I need so I can get some control back in my life.

A few things to report: I turned 60 three weeks ago and the world, as we know it, did not end. This is not surprising because I have it on the authority of my cousin and a few friends who shall remain nameless but are OLDER than me that the world does not end because we get older. We do, however, get to blame everything on being old, so I now have an escape clause.

More importantly, after three months of recuperation and a few other medical detours, my husband, Lou, went back to work at the office yesterday. He has been telecommuting since surgery, but this is the first time he went down to the District and into his office. He did well, no mishaps on Metro with anyone stepping on his foot, no tripping or anything. He will still be using a cane for stability for a while, but he's mobile again in a very good way. He will probably be on a combination telecommute/office schedule as he cannot risk trying to go in if there is snow or the possibility of ice he could slip on.

Even more importantly, he has resumed ownership of the kitchen! The Os will be eating well again, and thank G-d I don't have to cook anymore. These last few months while he couldn't stand/cook have proved again that he definitely did not marry me for my skills in the kitchen..... I think he is secretly happy to be in control again, and I will offer to do the clean-up for everything until he is 100% again-a bargain as far as I am concerned.

My guild had a lesson in fabric postcards today, something I have seen popping up on sewing blogs for a while now. I did not get to make one there as I was really late due to a doctor's appointment, but I have a sheet of directions and some very cute fabric scraps to play with.

Speaking of the doctor, Dr. Raj is still very happy with my progress, and if all is well at my next appointment, I will move on to the six month review schedule. It will be right after my two year surgery date anniversary. I will be ready. My reconstructed breasts seem to have "settled" into their own, and as Dr. Raj says, it looks like I will be "eternally perky"-not in a "nubile" so much as a "mature you'd never know you went braless most of the 60s" sort of way. It really doesn't matter, what matters is that I am cancer free.

The girls are doing well. Lill is working on her research with the next conference in view, and has taken up yoga along with the other exercising she does to stay healthy. She really likes it and it sounds like it definitely is a good addition to her regime. Sarah is getting ready to go on her class trip to China. The itinerary is fairly rigorous and they will be seeing all kinds of examples of the things they have been studying.

Okay, off to organize the table for dinner later. It's good to be back writing.