Monday, February 18, 2013

Catching Up

I am taking a little time to catch up as I get used to my new (to me) laptop that I got as a birthday present.  I am back to a Dell, with a LARGE screen (great for Dr Who reruns) and a very nice keyboard.  I will not be able to upload pictures until I find the disc with the program in the camera box, but I can fill in a few new things going on.

We have finished the main area of the flooring downstairs in the newly named "pearl room".  I trimmed the under-layer excess off and even without baseboard molding it looks pretty darn cool.  We will finish the cedar closet this week, and price the molding at good old Home Depot.....

George is coming along.  He still has a few barking issues and following directions difficulty, but we will be starting some training soon and I hope that will make it easier for Lou to live with him.

Lillian is plugging away on her dissertation.  The wedding date has been set for October, and we are organizing the millions of details that go into making a perfect day.  My new dress form arrived today and
George is freaked out by the box, I think he thinks the picture on the front is a person.  I will set it up once he calms down and see how she looks.  She hasn't given me a clue as to her name yet, but I think we'll have to work together a bit for that to happen.

Sarah arrived in China minus one bag.  It was finally found 24 hours or so later, and one of the wheels is broken.  Big sister is taking a major role in dealing with claims resolution while Sarah gets the last appointments out of the way prior to beginning her teaching.

My fabric arrived from Australia for the first block in the new Bee Balm online quilting bee.  Lizzie has chosen some beautiful fabrics and a variation of the nine patch.  I'm hoping to finish the blocks tomorrow evening or so, and get them back on their way to Australia after that.  I'm also starting the next section on the afghan that will be Lillian and Jack's chuppah-it's coming along beautifully!

Pictures to be posted soon-I can still upload on the Mac and then send them out.....

Happy President's Day to all in the US, happy Family Day to those in Canada, and just happy Monday to everyone else.