Friday, September 17, 2010

We got trouble

It may not be River City, but we got trouble..... I recently ordered copies of Julia King's book, "Bingo's Big Adventure, A Cat's Tale", for the great nieces and nephews that have arrived in the family over the last few years. I love her photography, and if you read her blog regularly, you know she has a wonderful way with words. The books arrived the other day, but what with Lou's latest hospital adventure, I didn't get to the package until this morning.

It is going to be very TOUGH to wait until Chanukah and Christmas to send this little treasure out. Being a great believer in reading to children, reading with children, listening to them read to me, I'm not sure this little book will stay at Auntie San-Dee's until December. Part of the reason is because it's so precious. Another part is that all the next generation seem to be cat people, and this will prompt wonderful conversations comparing Bingo to those living at home.

On another note, I could say I've been away from blogland because I've been sewing, but that wouldn't exactly be the truth. I have not been sewing, I have not been doing much but a little crochet and a lot of driving back and forth to Georgetown University Hospital. Fortunately, Lou is home, his circulation is better, and I am hoping to resume life "as I knew it" over the next few days. Getting the Roku box from Lill and Jack does not help-now it is easier to watch Netflix instant stuff than if I'd had to take the laptop into the bedroom, hook it up, etc. Now all I have to do is press the remote. Well, at least my fingers are getting some exercise, right?


  1. I'm glad your man is much improved San-Dee, life should be easier now he's home..

  2. Hello San-Dee,

    I watch Netflix too. I don't have a TV and with being able to stream online, I'm content. I don't like commercial TV anyway...I'd rather pick and chose what I want with no commercial interruptions. The only thing I miss is PBS, but I'll find a cheap picture tube before Christmas somewhere so I can get at least GPB/PBS and watch my old VHS tapes since I can play DVDs on the computer.

    Julia King is a good blogging buddy of mine as well. I just love reading her blog and she's on facebook too...glad to hear you got her book. I want to one for her too, but I have no small children in the family. Maybe I'll buy one, read it myself a few times and then donate it to a children's toy drive here in town!

    Sending you all the best for good health for you and your husband.

    Kind Regards,
    Doris and Gizzy