Wednesday, September 22, 2010

two in a row

I'm trying to write a little each day to remind myself that I am a person with other interests/ things to do than deal with the house and work.

Today I went out mid-morning to walk to the bagel store for snacks, and it was such fun to see all the toddlers playing by the fountain in front of the bookstore. School has started here, so only the really young ones are out and about. It was also nice to see that most of the moms didn't mind if the kids splashed their hands in the water. They aren't supposed to playin it, but they are allowed to stick their hands in to splash. I hope someone shows them how to make paper sailboats and they have races. Maybe I'll have to do that.

A new Jewish year is upon us and I have thoughtfully answered my 10Q questions and sent them to the vault for safekeeping. It was interesting to see last year's questions and answers, and to see how my focus has shifted. I am no longer consumed by my cancer diagnosis-I have dealt with it and am moving forward. Yes, I'm reminded every day when I look at my chest and see the scars and the fake nipples, but it's just another thing, like the scar on my hand from falling on the broken piece of drainpipe at the lake when we were kids.

Tonight we will pack up to drive to Cleveland for the weekend, and give my father-in-law some respite from caring for his ailing wife. Lou has stepped up and done a lot of cooking over the last two nights and we're going to eat well! Maybe we'll go for a drive and see how the trees look there-it's farther north and may be more into "fall" then we are yet....

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  1. Have you ever seen a movie where the guys show off their battle scars, being very proud of them? ... for having fought and won? Even though I don't know how I would react, I would like to think that I would just be glad to be alive.

    In your comment you mentioned that fall has really come here, but that was an exception to the norm. Generally South Georgia (we're only 30 miles north of the Florida border) we don't have fall like, let's say, Vermont or Maine, but when I do see a spot I like, a tree that stands out, I like to photograph it and enjoy the changing of the colors.

    I wish you a pleasant visit even though it's not really a vacation, but you'll be someplace else and to me, that's always interesting. Being away makes me appreciate my home even more. I love going places, but I love coming home even more ;-)

    Blessings to you and prayers for your health,
    Kind Regards,
    Doris and Gizzy