Sunday, May 2, 2010


Once upon a time, we spent A LOT of money having a semi shade azalea garden put in the side bed by the driveway. We tended it, watered it, pampered it and did everything the horticulturist told us to do. It did not thrive. It was not happy. Lou and I later found an azalea farm with beautiful and more economical (cheaper) plants. We got two for the front bed on the magnolia side of the yard and they grew beautifully. So I said, Lou, we should do something about these plants, they look terrible. and he answered, well, I was thinking about moving them to the front yard, in the walkway bed and next to the other azaleas. So we did, and they are happy and thriving. A few needed pruning and Lou stuck them in pots, so we have two pretty bonsai azaleas on the deck, enjoying the sun. And the side bed? Well, we took in a tortoise looking for a new home, and the lady giving him away (it had been her son's, he was off at college, and she didn't want to deal...) was thinning out her pachysandra and just going to compost it and I said I'd be glad to take it. It loves the side bed, and in another year or two will probably take over most of it.

Lou is recovering and gaining strength every day. Today I asked if he cared if I went down to sew for a little while. I am 3 months behind on the bee blocks. So, since Lizzie had been waiting the longest, hers was first. she sent us a brown and white print, and asked us to incorporate it into a block that said something about us. Here's what I did:
The springlike flowers represent my love of the outdoors, the two space prints stand for Lou and Lilli, the scientists, and the last print represents Sarah, the soon to be Asian Art authority. I picked a circular pattern block because I believe in the continuity of life and its cycles. though a fancy symbolism for the white and brown print strips would be nice, it doesn't exist-I was making borders to get the block to the size needed.

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  1. Nice block. I don't understand anything about quilting, but I know what looks good to me ;-)

    I love our "bonsai" azeleas! Way to go!