Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

I have my computer back, all to myself. Sarah is out with friends in the District, and Lilli is on a plane back to AZ. Instead of the usual five laptops jockeying for space on the coffee table, only one rests there, and I can again use the table as my footrest. We have had a wonderful few weeks with the girls home, even their usual arguing hasn't made me too crazy. Lilli is flying back to buckle down for research, writing, and orals in April. She's such a marvel to me, beautiful, brilliant, and still my kid who sits on the living room floor wrapping rocks to send to everyone for presents. She's been gone a little over 3 hours, and I'm missing her like crazy already. BUT, she taught me how to use the webcam on skype, so tomorrow we will be chatting with visuals. She also reloaded and fixed my iPod so I can have my music at work or downstairs.

Sarah will be home for another week, and hopefully get what she needs to get done, done. She, too, is a marvel. I learned a lot about Asian Art when we drove to Cleveland; she explained her paper to me and other aspects of dynastic China. it was cool-definitely a "speak in Brown to me" moment.

Speaking of the downstairs, I am at the thinking stage of prioritizing my UFOs to see if they can get finished. This is a recurrent theme on many of the blogs I visit, so I feel I am in esteemed company. Either that, or we all start way too many things and get sidetracked into other projects. Gee, quilting comes to mind--how I never got into it earlier is beyond me, and to see the stash I've built already, in a few short months, is gratifying-or sick, depending on your point of view.

Tomorrow I have promised to finish up errands with Sarah, then the time will be mine to start on sewing stuff. I have a few online quilting bee blocks to do, all the sets of coasters I cut but didn't make as Christmas gifts-I will be so far ahead next year!-the prototype for the martini madness swap which I promised to Lilli, the baby blankets to finish before the boys graduate from high school, Lilli's blouses, and Sarah wants me to look at a few patterns she bookmarked. Then, there is the mending and patching of jeans to get to. So, if I can carve out that time for myself, I have lots of things to keep me happy. Or, I could just curl up with a nice cup of tea and some of the "new to us" books from yesterday's jaunt to the used bookstore.

Last, but not least, I need to report that I did bake cookie press cookies this morning for the girls as promised. I colored them, but only pressed out trees and swirls. I did learn two things: one- I don't like gel food coloring, and two- like riding a bike, I haven't forgotten how to make them. My Grandma Reva, not to mention Aunt Lill, would be proud.

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