Thursday, January 28, 2010


My goodness, there are some really creative people out there! I realized that I spend way too much time writing or thinking about writing and should be taking pictures of life and stuff. That seems to be THE THING in the blogland visits I make. I do know how to use my camera, and I do know how to download the pictures and get them into my posts; maybe not in really neat ways, but at least they are there. So, I will need to start taking and posting more pictures.

Another note: baking GALS has opened round 16, so if you have some time to bake, some cash to mail a package to a service person, go and see if any of the bios interest you.

Another note: Check out the great martini recipes posted as part of the Martini Madness apron swap at flirty apron. I'm a gin purist, but some of the others sound pretty interesting.

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  1. You will have much fun taking more pictures!! It is quite addictive I think. If I could recommend an easy photo editor you could use Picassa by google. You can upload directly to Picassa to host photos which can be seen on your blog. I use it and love it. The pictures come out a bit clearer on the blog if hosted by Picassa web albums vs direct upload from your computer. Hope that helps. :) Bye for now.