Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Once upon a time I thought I could keep up with my blog.  That sure was silly, wasn't it?

It served a good purpose in the beginning, and I really felt the warmth of the people who stopped by to read and comment.  Then life just closed in on me: health ups and downs (mine and Lou's), work, organizing the wedding, living through the wedding.

Many people view the fall season as a "shutting down" time when we pull into ourselves and our homes in preparation for the winter to come.  Being Jewish, and celebrating the new year in the fall, has always given me a sense of renewal and expectation of things to come.  I am hoping that I can extend that sense to my blog.

I have gotten some of my sewing set up in the downstairs and welcomed it back into use by making Sarah a new Halloween costume.  I think she is tired of being Madeleine or Minnie Mouse..... This year, she will be Lt. Uhura from the original Star Trek series.  The pattern was ordered online, and after two days of frustration with the arm fitting, I finally just changed it to a set-in sleeve rather than the "cut in one" the pattern called for.  It looked and fit a lot better, and then I saw that in the original series the Lt.'s dress is a set-in sleeve!  Of course, my procrastination gene was in full force, so though Sarah was home for six weeks, I didn't finish it until the night before she left.  Of course, I have no pictures of it, either.  She will take some and send them.  I did order the official insignia and sleeve braiding, and sent along a mini-phaser as I think someone might try and "borrow permanently" the full size phaser I got her for Chanukah last year.

So, both my children enjoy science fiction among their many interests.

To update, the sewing project on the table right now is a wedding present quilt that still needs some stars added.  At least the wedding was only last July, so I am not that far behind on it. :)  There will be some crocheting in the very near future as two babies arrive in November and one in January.  Then I will want to think about holiday crafting.  It's a good thing I only work part time....