Sunday, January 17, 2010

FNSI-oh yeah!

So here is my entry into the Friday Night Sew In:

Sarah and I went to the fabric store and got Butterick 4914 and a springy matte jersey print.

I traced her size, cut it out, and started putting it together. I also spent most of Saturday sewing, thinking I could finish it for her to take back to school today, but that didn't happen because I hurt my knee coming upstairs for a try-on. I did have to adjust the side and shoulder seams, but it sure looked cute while she was trying it on. Sleeves are basted in and a ballpark hem will be done, and I'll mail it up to her. She wouldn't let me take any picture to show the work in progress on...but that's KS for you.....

I will also work on my bee balm blocks this weekend, and fix Lill's jeans so she's ready for camping. It feels good to be sewing again.

1 comment:

  1. Cute fabrics for that dress...cute pattern also. Great Sew-In.