Saturday, June 12, 2010

Into the 90s!

Yes, at heart we are little hippie-freaks from the 60/70s, but we have officially joined the 90s this weekend.

In 1991 (or so) the patent for crushing ice and delivering it through the door was granted. Today, I bought a new side by side fridge for the kitchen that has such a device. (It also has a lock in case we have little people visit who would use it until their cup runneth over.......) About three years ago we bought an energystar fridge, making us feel very eco. Since we are basically cheap, we got the traditional freezer on top model. Unfortunately, unless you are about 4'6" tall, every time you reach for something not exactly in front of your face, you have the opportunity to hit your head on the thicker walls of the freezer. I know this from lots of experience over the last three years. I finally told Lou I'm tired of hitting my head. Since he has trouble bending to look in the lower regions, a freezer on the bottom was not in contention. Of course, since my kitchen was built in 1954, and upgraded in the XXs, the dimensions of fridges have changed. Let's just say people will get used to opening and closing the side door with the doorknob really fast if they don't want scrapped skin.

I also bought a new dishwasher. This has been under discussion for about 5 years. It wasn't too bad that it just took a LONG time to run a cycle. It wasn't too bad that it was noisy-we could turn it on and go to bed and not hear it. But when it started backing up and out the emergency overflow and ran all over the counter and the floor, I felt it was telling us something. Since we rarely run it more than once a week unless the girls are home, winding a dish towel around the emergency overflow to guide the water into the sink and backing that up with sponges was working pretty well. You can imagine how the girls accepted that. So, yesterday was the day-I did get talked into the model one up from my original choice, but with good reason. It's one of those ones that senses how much detergent to use, but more importantly, you can run a top rack only cycle. Since we tend to use a lot of glasses and small plates that will fit there, it seemed like a good deal. So, they both come Friday and I will be very happy!

Memorial Day weekend was Commencement Weekend at Brown. Sarah has now commenced. Her sister and aunt conspired to make it unique with personalized t-shirts and m-n-m's (which are definitely one of the coolest things out there and worth whatever they cost!). I am trying to be a gracious person-I am trying not to resent not being able to spend time with Lill, Jack, Lou, Omi, Jeff and Jude in Providence on Thursday and Friday because I had to go to Cleveland and fly in with Si and Peg. Having help with her for the restrooms and plane was the only way he could come to the commencement and I was not about to let anything ruin the weekend for Sarah. I hope her kids fry in Hell because they would not help out for the weekend. Okay-so I guess I'm not that gracious.

Lastly, we bought our roma tomato seedlings today. Hopefully Dave next door will rototill the garden area tomorrow and we can prep the ground and get them in. Pickled tomatoes--here we come!!!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll even get to start sewing again!!

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  1. Isn't it crazy how long it takes to finally decide to upgrade stuff. I swear I wait until absolutely necessary.

    I'm glad you got the two-fer with those nice new appliances though.

    Someday I'll have a dishwasher again. It's been about 15 yrs now that I have hand washed everything. Just no room in our little kitchen for the beast of burden!

    Hope you are well. Sounds like it with thoughts of sewing. :)