Saturday, December 11, 2010

San-Dee the Plumber

Today I learned something new: how to repair a leaking kitchen sink faucet. Lou was very patient with me and nobody yelled-the sure sign around here that things aren't going well..... we took the faucet apart, put all the pieces in a bag and went to the hardware store. The plumbing guy said we were better off replacing all the stuff rather than just the washers. So, we got this handy all parts together repair kit, brought it home and redid the faucet. We finished it all, then turned the water back on, and NOTHING LEAKED. Hopefully it will continue to not leak.

riding on that success, we really decided to take the rest of the afternoon off. We have a shopping list to create in anticipation of the kids being around and I've got some coasters I want to make for the people at work for the holidays.

Last Wednesday we had our year-end party at work. We went to the local site of the music schools, B2R, and learned to be in a rock-n-roll band (it was the corporate party experience they offer to the public). We were told to channel our inner rock star. A few of us did dress up, most as a genre of rocker as opposed to a specific person. I channeled my inner Janis Joplin. I probably did it since this is the second year in a row I have missed dressing up for Halloween at work because it hasn't been on one of my work days. It was fun. It was funny. Our band learned and performed Wild Thing. I was lead guitar. There are rumors that the video shot of the learning process/performances will be uploaded to youtube. That could be a BIG mistake.....nobody was that good, even the groups that had some of the music teachers in them. But, it was very relaxed compared to other parties, and everyone had fun, and that's the most important part.

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  1. Hi San-Dee
    It sounds like a great party. Neat idea to get everyone involved in a fun activity.
    How are you doing? Was your daughter(the one in London) involved in all that chaos that was there last week. I hope she is ok.
    Our holiday activities are moving along pretty good. I have my tree up and a few decorations around the house. We will have the Arcement family here for Christmas Eve. Should be an interesting evening. My grandbabies are growing way too fast. Starting to talk a little and so funny!
    Sounds like you did pretty good with the plumbing! I could never do anything like that!