Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amazing ladies

I am truly blessed with online friends. I recently had to withdraw from sending my block for the Bee Balm ( due to eldercare issues we are dealing with out of state. All the other girls sent me wonderful emails of support, and it has truly helped lighten my mood.

Having Lilli and Jack around has helped. I also made an executive-mom decision to have Sarah come home for a few weeks at the end of June. I think having the daughter fixes has/and will help me turn around. Most importantly, I realized that my life has its ebbs and flows, and I need to just accept that and not get crazy.

Today Lou and I did a little yard work, and (why am I not surprised?) when I was trying to fix the weed whacker ANOTHER piece jumped into the flower bed never to be found again. I even brought my heavy duty magnet from downstairs to try and find it in the leaves of ivy. So, there we were, on a trip to Home Depot. Lovely day to be riding around with the top down. The store was a zoo, but we had figured it would be so we didn't get bothered. Came home, put together the NEW weed whacker, and edged the front lawn. Looks good, and I had fun!

Lilli and Jack will be around for dinner tomorrow, and maybe on Monday. She goes back to AZ Monday night, and back to work. We got her a new computer for her birthday next month, which of course means I have a new hand-me-down computer! and all is good. She will be able to access her work stuff remotely with the new Mac, and it will be much easier for her. When it came in and Jack loaded the software she needed, I knew we'd made a good choice because Jack said he was jealous. He's an IT/ET kind of guy, and it takes a lot to make him jealous.

Sarah sent presents home with Lilli and Jack from her trip to China. Everything is beautiful. She sent rice dishes and tea cups and all sorts of stuff. I can understand why she is drawn to the porcelain, it's absolutely beautiful.

She also sent special edition newspapers from the royal wedding. My friend Vera is really into the monarchy, and she will go nuts when she sees the paper and commemorative tea bags Sarah sent foe her.

My world is looking so much better; thank G-d, my family and my friends. I am truly blessed.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good things today!!

A quick note before I start my Saturday chores.... the best news is that Lillian will be home late afternoon. She's flying in and has a few days before she and Jack take off for Germany. Having one or both of my girls home is always a good thing.

The second good thing is news from NIH (National Institutes of Health). I have always been a blood donor as I feel it is one of the easiest ways to help other people. After my surgery, I got a card to donate. I went in, answered the questions and waited for the nurse to review. She looked at it, gave me a somewhat shocked expression, and said-you can't give blood for five years if you've had cancer. I was crushed, but figured it was for a good reason. So, yesterday I get a card telling me I'm eligible to give blood after 5-7-11. I called and talked to the supervisor. Two things: first, the nurse was incorrect two years ago; I should not have been deferred because I did not have chemo or radiation and second, that deferral would only have been for two years not five! So, I have been eligible to give blood all along! I am going in next Thursday to see the "crew" in the donation center after two years, and I'm psyched!