Monday, February 8, 2010

On to Blocks!

I was feeling really guilty that I hadn't finished my apron swap package, so that was my first project today. I finished a sweet satin '50s hostess apron, with fluff, tulle, and a glass applique--definitely not my strongest sewing skill. the package includes a hostess glass, guest invitations and glasses, and a condiment tray from the neighborhood Good Will. she's a bargain hunter, she'll love it. After a cup of tea, I'm going to tackle my online quilting group blocks that backed up due to the everything that happened in Nov-Dec-Jan with the family craziness.

Note to group: I got stuck trying to get out to CVS, Dave helped me push Miss Lucy back into the drive while Lou took the steering wheel, there isn't a plow in sight, there are only going to be two buses on Cedar Lane today, and the latest prediction on the storm hitting tomorrow afternoon has been revised to 10-20 more inches. I love living in the South.....

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  1. Longtime to chat! I love the apron, and wish I had signed up for this swap!! I thought I would take a break but now I realize how much I enjoy them! Busy winter, but not too much snow--yet!--the snowiest months here are March and April, but then at least it melts quickly!