Friday, November 12, 2010

Good day!

Today I feel like I got a lot accomplished though I haven't left the house! I finished my blocks for the first month of the second run of the Bee Balm, but I have to find my camera to take a picture of them to show. I learned a few things from this month: I need a new blade for my rotary cutter, I can follow directions after I read them numerous times, my stash is sadly depleted and I definitely do not have selections that blend with green. My five inch squares were mostly in the green group-a color I have never been fond of except in the out of doors. I wanted to be cool and make three blocks or so, but I didn't have anything to "flesh out" Elaine's choices, so I stretched to use a basic yellow/gold sort with green highlights. Sorry! and oh-I guess I will have to get myself to the fabric store to beef up my stash. I realized it is mostly Chanukah prints for aprons, and some cotton blends for blouses I will eventually make for work.

I got bills paid-always a good thing.

I made a big pot of stuffed cabbage to lift Lou's spirits during this recovery phase. Of course, when I told him I had a big surprise for dinner: stuffed cabbage, he asked where I'd gotten it. Such little faith-there are a few things I can wipe up in the kitchen-so I told him from my two little hands. Hopefully it will taste as good as it smells simmering right now, we will know in about an hour.

I signed up for a second online quilting bee, and this one will really stretch my learning curve. there is a wonderful blog about taking 15 minutes to play-the premise being to take 15 minutes daily to experiment, create, move outside your box or comfort zone. One of the criteria for this round is that one does not use an established block pattern, so it will be interesting to see what others come up with. Fortunately, my block is in the second half of the year.

Tomorrow I hope to take Lou out for a ride to the orchard to get apples for homemade apple sauce. It may be one of the last "top-down" weekends for Miss Lucy, so I want to be out enjoying the sunshine. And since both girls will be home in December, we will have a late latke party with homemade apple sauce.

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  1. Hi San-Dee
    I saw your blocks for Elaine and they look perfect. It was fun to make the disappearing 9 patch. I had never done that one before.
    I made my trees and sent them to Sue today! That was a difficult task for me..I am also in the 15 minutes of play quilting bee. I am scheduled for August...that way I can see what everyone else is doing. This is going to be a challenge for me.
    The only quilt shop in our are is about 17 miles from my house in Houma. I just found out that On first Saturdays she sells all fat quarters for a dollar..I am hoping to go on December 4th and get a stash of many different colors. I bought a 25 - scrappy fat quarter bundle she had for 25 dollars and they are all really nice. I usually get my fabric from Hobby Lobby or Handcocks Fabrics but the quilt shop fabric is so much nicer quality.
    I hope you had fun picking apples. I have never seen apples in a tree other than in pictures. We have been picking pecans here for a couple of weeks. My sister in law has a big tree behind her house and this year is a good crop!
    I had a convertable from 1980-85 and loved it. Only in South Louisiana there are only a few days that you can enjoy riding in one. It is usually too hot, rainy or too cool. I sold it when my son was just starting to drive...he was not too happy with me! LOL