Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back in the Saddle, so to speak

Yesterday the grackles arrived to feed at the deck rail.  This is a true sign that spring is on it's way.  Another sign is that I finally ordered an electric shovel to match my snow blower, and that is a definite sign that no more snow will fall.  But, I will be ready for next year!

I have given up on getting my downstairs sewing area set up in the near future and have spread myself throughout the dining room.  Of course, this means my husband, the saint, will be eating and watering his plants around my two or three or more projects going on at the moment.

Tomorrow I will start on finishing up the blocks from the last Bee Balm round.  I know many of the participants have finished their quilts, but I'm hoping my blocks to them can be used as pillows, mug rugs or something.  I never realized so much time would be devoted to dealing with the wedding long distance and I really fell off the wagon on this round.  But, the women involved are wonderful, and I love reading their blogs and catching up with my online friends.

As I work on their blocks, I will continue the wedding present quilt for Ash.  My friend at work's daughter is marrying on July 5th, and though in the Indian culture one does not give gifts to the bridal couple, in the Jewish culture we do.  As we live in the melting pot of America, we each will have to bend a little to respect each other's traditions.  I will not embarrass Ash by giving her the quilt in front of a lot of people, and hopefully she will understand that it is something I "have" to do.

I'm also hoping to start on the spring challenge from 15 minutes play.  I need to get into play-after nearly a year without a hospitalization, Louis ended up in GW Hospital overnight.  He's fine, we're dealing, and I'm done stress eating, I hope.....

Another hope I have for this spring is to regularly write on my blog.  I'm not that interesting per say, but at least my kids will know what I'm thinking about!