Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday morning, 9 AM

That might have been the name of a Simon and Garfunkel album, or not, I don't remember. I can remember what the album cover looked like, but not the name.

I had a very busy day at work today having not been there since last Wednesday. I had a 3 inch high pile of invoices to enter on the system, and figure out how much in checks I'll need to cut tomorrow. Because of the school holidays for J'Naie, Siane won't be in tomorrow, so she asked if I would mind working Thursday and Friday and not using sick days for Monday and Tuesday. Works for me! So, I just got as much organized as I could, and did as much as I could, I still have one database to enter before I can start cutting checks tomorrow.

I did not hear from the doctors today, but I didn't expect to. I thought the nurse was being a little too optimistic when she said we'd know today. Whatever-I can't change what the results will be no matter how antsy I am for them. I'm glad I took yesterday off, though. I basically slept all day and Lou took care of every need I might have had. When I wasn't sleeping I was reading because I wasn't supposed to do anything strenuous with my arms....which ranks up there with telling me not to lift weights:)--I may be pretty silly and foolish at times, but I am not stupid. Especially when I know how much the sight of my blood upsets Lou, and he's the one who has to change the dressing if I pop the incision open. One of the interesting things about having delicate skin is the array of black and blue it turns when you get injured. For the MRI work they had to use a clamp to steady the tissue, so the red irritation mark of Monday has now become the black and blue marks of today. they ought to be really interesting when they get to the green and yellow stage.

KS (Sarah) is going to a seder organized by one of the band members tonight. She is going to co-lead with Rachel. They plan on singing all the verses of Chad Gad Ya and Dayenu. She's feeling very good about not being the youngest and having to say the four questions; it's left to "whatever unlucky freshman shows up" as she puts it.

Lill will be going to Linda's and having amazing food. She will probably have a lot of fun, too, since all the kids will be around.

We, on the other hand, will be very boring. It was just not a task we could take this year. Next year we will decide whether to make seder here and be able to check out Jane's "friend", or go west or north. But, we won't have to worry about that for a long time.

The sun has finally decided to come out today, at 5:30. I'm going out to sit on the stoop and increase my vitamin D.

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