Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday morning

Though it's foggy and wet again, this is starting to have the signs of a really good day! First, my weigh in showed a loss, ALWAYS a good thing. Then, I checked my planner on the blood draw appointment, and it was a good thing because it was at 10 AM not 11 AM. Zipped up to Dr. Raj's office, and got more great news: my blood pressure was 123/78. Pretty close to normal range. Is it the HZTZ I'm taking? Is it the weight loss I'm sustaining? We know it's not the exercise because that just hasn't become a factor to add in yet....

I stopped at the post office and mailed off packages to all over the country: my apron swap partner in TN, my bro-in-law in CA, Steph in NY and a new acquaintance from the apron swap in AZ. She admired one of my vintage fabric choices, and since I didn't use it for the apron, and don't foresee using it in the near future, I offered it to her. Like I don't have a big enough stash already? I sometimes think I'm dreaming when I tell Louis that I can condense down all the bins of sewing material and stuff. So many memories wrapped up in them-picking out the material, who it was intended for, did I finish the outfit and these are the scraps, did I blow off making the clothes? Lots and lots of thoughts pass through as I go through the bins.

Best part of the day so far? Going to the gas station, filling the tank after 2 weeks and spending less than $20. It wasn't much less, but it was still less.

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  1. Congrats on winning the fat quarter giveaway! That's got to feel good. My sister loved the bag and today I made all three of my nieces skirts and cut my sister's hair. We had so much fun and didn't have to spend any money! Good day!