Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot day

Another beautiful day here today, I could almost get to like it if it stayed this way; but tonight the temperatures will drop, we'll have rain, and tomorrow will be miserable. Okay, not miserable, just crappy.

I'm lining up all the ducks in a row regarding the surgery and feeling pretty good about it. The insurance is taken care of, I should be getting the updated requirement sheet from the surgeon today or tomorrow, and I've got a comfortable terry cover up for wearing home.

Now, to the IMPORTANT news: My daughter, Lillian Rose, is a published author!! Her advisor from Brown, Jim, finally got one of the papers together and it has "gone to press". So very cool and amazing, of course she is the last author, but Lou says that means she did all the work. I do remember seeing lots of those images on her computer screen. But it is definitely cool.

KS is cruising along. She called me today after her meeting with her advisor and asked, "How would you like to go to Spain or maybe Latin America over winter break?" It seems she was talking to Wey-Gomez about an honors thesis, and he suggested she would learn so much more from research looking at the the actual paintings rather than just studying them in books. I wonder if he has a cutting of the money tree we could transplant so it would be blooming nice big hundred dollar bills by winter break.....

Tara got me interested in looking at a few sites she visits, and I signed on to do a quilt-along. I have never really quilted before, but this is an easy nine patch pattern that I think even I could do without messing up. the idea is to do a square a day (or like 7 on the weekend) and by mid-summer have enought to put together as a quilt. I may wimp out and only make it baby sized and then I'll have the perfect gift for Jamie's one-on-the-way. Since she's due in August, I would be able to have it finished by the shower. Sounds like a plan, right?


  1. I'm so glad you signed up! Isn't Amanda Jean amazing? The woman can whip out the work! I also think you should just play around with the different aprons for your site and see what sells. Or you could just have all of them for sale all the time and just ask people to choose colorways. Did you see the cathering apron tutorial on the Busy Bee Swap page? It's on the right side, you click on the picture, but I think it's so very cool!

  2. I like that gathering apron, but I have one in mind that I want to do a prototype for that's slightly different....I'll let you know when I work out the details. I'm excited about that swap-and did you see the site for the challenge to finish projects for yourself? I like the idea.