Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We have a date

So, is this like a bat mitzvah or wedding, that we have a date? The surgeon's office called yesterday and my date is May 12. It will be an intensely long day as the first surgeryw ill take about three hours, and the second about 8 hours. But, I think it is better than having to go under twice. Just think, I'll wake up hating the world, but I'll have perky breasts and a relatively flat tummy. I'll probably be fairly black and blue through the process because my skin is so delicate.....who cares, as long as the cancer is cut out. So, Lillian will be coming in the 7th until the 26th. She and Jack will have to go to Providence to pack up Sarah, and bring her stuff home. That's okay with them. I still have to call Norman and Aunt Zelda, I just haven't had the heart yet. But, it will be tonight. Other than the date, I have no news as the surgical assistant said all the info would come by mail. So, enough of the cancer saga.

I have to admit I am a wimp: I cancelled my dental appointment for tomorrow becasue I figured what good does it do to have a consultation and then more than a month before we can start that work? yes, I wimped out.

So, everyone, you need to mosey over to the tinkerfrog blog of my friend Tara and look at the pretty pieces of stash she is using for a giveaway. But don't enter, I want more chances! They are half yard pieces that will make beautiful totes or a lap quilt, and I will need something to keep me busy after I am feeling better but not allowed back to work yet.....

Tonight Lou is taking my picture in my swap apron; I finally found my camera. I do have to say, though, not remembering where it was forced me to learn how to take a picture with my phone and then send it to KS. I know-shock-I'm entering the 90s......

the sky is getting very dark again and the rain is starting. I will sign off before the power goes off.

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