Tuesday, April 7, 2009

giving thanks

Starting this blog was one of the smartest things I have done in a while. Getting comments from people who share your interests is priceless. I need to get Vera on this and introduced to Karlie and Tara, they'd have a great time together.

Lill made a comment last night that makes a lot of sense: What if my swap partner is away because of vacation for the holidays, or what if she's not opening the package in anticipation of having something really cool to look forward to? Of course, Lill is probably the only person in the world who would look at a package, savor it, and wait to open it (oh, where did I go wrong with that child?). That, coupled with the comments from Tara and Karlie, made me realize I was fretting over nothing. It also brought out a little admission from the roseola: she hasn't been using the apron I made her because she's afraid it will get stained. All I can say (in caps for emphasis) is LILLIAN ROSE!! that's the whole point! you keep your clothes clean and then, just like Omi's Thanksgiving tablecloth, every stain that doesn't wash out is a reminder of a good time/something you made. I think I will use the yellow stripe fabric I got yesterday and make her something cool that she will use as opposed to save for hostessing--there are times I KNOW she is her grandmother's grandchild.....


  1. I know the feeling--I often wait until I'm done cooking to put my apron on. Totally defeats the purpose--so I should get some functional aprons--or maybe ones I don't like to protect my clothes?

  2. I didn't hear from you today--hopefully you had a restful, relaxing time. Keeping you in my thoughts!