Saturday, April 11, 2009

Catching Up

Yesterday was pretty stressful, and I couldn't write. So, today the story.

The doctor called midmorning at work, and told me the results of Monday's biopsies-the left side was clear, but the right side has a small cancer.

I immediately put in a call to Dr. Kravitz, the surgeon. He was able to see us in the Germantown office, so I left work and we drove up there. He talked to us about options, then gave us the names of of other doctors to set up appointments with before making a decision. We got home, I set up one with the oncologist and one with the plastic surgeon; at present I'm not bothering with the radiation therapist because I'm not planning on the lumpectomy which would entail radiation and chemotherapy (and have a 15% chance of reoccurence). We will compile a list of questions for the oncologist since Lou can't come to that appointment on Tuesday, he has his NAC meetings this week. Thank G-d they are not out of town this quarter. Then I sent an email to everyone all at once to let them know what was going on; and made a few phones calls to people I had to tell "in person". Everyone has rallied and responded so positively, Team S is ready to roll! Where-I haven't a clue yet, but my folks are ready!

So far, the players are: Dr. Kravitz-the surgeon, Dr. Raj (Rajagopal)-the oncologist and Dr. Faulkner-the plastic surgeon. I'm sure there will be more...

We took a great drive out to David's for dinner today. Food and company were fantastic, as always. We chatted about all kinds of stuff and the evening just passed pleasantly. It would have been nice if the girls were there, but we'll be doing that during the summer. Helen, his greyhound, was sweet as ever. Louis is right, if we ever have dogs after Violet and LuLu, we will do greyhound rescue.

A pleasant ride home, and now we'll watch the episode of Dr. Who from Lill.

my life is good, and will continue that way!

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good day--glad both the a and b teams are in place! Happy Easter to you! May it be a time of renewal and rebirth!