Friday, April 17, 2009

Can't she call?

My sister-in-law Judi doesn't realize that texting without a full kepboard is a major pain in the butt for me, but she obviously can't call at the moment, though where she is at 6:30 in the morning West coast time is beyond me to figure out.....the legos have arrived and she is still talking to us, so that is a good sign.

We met with the the plastic surgeon yesterday (and I wonder why they are called plastic surgeons-Lou thinks it's because they are "molding" something) and he's a gem. I feel very comfortable with him because he didn't gloss over the facts of the surgery. His part will be long, probably 8 hours at least, but the idea is to have everything happen at once rather than have two major surgeries to go through. He feels I am a good candidate for the DIEP flap procedure-so it's probably I good thing that I didn't exercise my tummy flat. The bright spot is that I get a tummy tuck out of the whole ordeal--they take everything out rather than just what they need. He did warn us that there would be a pretty long scar across the belly, and I told him I doubted I'd be doing any naked sunbathing since we don't have a pool anymore. He laughed. On the way home Lou said I needed to realize that with perky new breasts and a flat stomach, I'd have to get walking or rowing to take care of my butt and arms....since I was driving I didn't smack him.

I went on a short shopping expedition with Angie in the late afternoon, I realized that I was letting this side trip take over my life and that I wasn't thinking about the other things I want to do while in this "waiting" period for surgery. We got some cool beads and (of course) some material. Yesterday I had set some non-cancer goals for myself, and today I will start to work on them. I feel more like myself again; I think the few days of freaking out are over.

More flirty apron swap pictures are going up, again more great ideas I plan to steal and put into my own stuff. I love seeing what other people do!

I am going to start on my list of to-do things for today, and will be back later.

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  1. What are you goals? What is your time frame for the surgery? I missed you yesterday, but I figure you'll get this blog thing figured out eventually! Did your partner like her apron? I'm excited to get mine. Have a great Friday!