Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday-so good to me

today I added a few "stations" to my pandora account online and had wonderful music all day long. I think the "kids" I work with can't believe I listen to such "old" stuff, but it's so nice to have a genre of music and no commercials.

Lots and lots of tax checks to do before Wednesday, and the Sotheby's bundle was late so I have to finish that when I get in tomorrow.

I'll meet with the oncologist tomorrow morning and get her take on this process. I've pretty much decided what I want, it will be interesting to see if she agrees or not. Yesterday I told Lou how I hate that I feel this has taken over my life. Nothing can move ahead until we have these appointments, and I'm impatient to move on. I have decided that everyone close is a charter member of Team S, for San-Dee and Support. The emails and phone calls have been heart warming and overwhelming. Like the big cat in An American Tail, "I've got friends-lots and lots of friends!" and I love you all.

I've started on another of the crochet hand towels and it's very cute, but not as cute as the one hanging on my refrigerator. I'm using up the cotton yarn from the prayer shawl I made last summer and ripped out because it didn't drape the way I wanted it to, so I'm feeling that I'm doing a double mitzvah-making something useful and clearing out a little of my stash of yarn. Of course, Angie is planning a shopping expedition after we get paid on Wednesday, so I'm not sure the stash will visibly dwindle...

The aprons and surprise packages showing up on Flirty Apron are so cute, people have done some really cool things, but I still like mine best-Tara did such a nice job on it. I have worn it once to bake, and will wear it again when I make mandel bread later this week. Yummmmmm! Lou is ready-it's one of the few sweets he eats. I will have Lou take a picture of me in it so we can put it up on the site.

Believe it or not, I STILL have laundry to finish because we got side tracked by Dr. Who last night. I was really excited because I didn't realize David Tennant would still be the Doctor for a few was fun.

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  1. I hope no one takes this the wrong way--but I'm partial to your apron too! DOn't feel bad about your stash not dwindling! those are the tools of your trade and without them, you could not create!