Monday, April 6, 2009

Back at Home

So, we are back home from the tests. The MRI one was an hour and a half, a VERY long time to lay there without moving. Good thing I was doing my diaphragm breathing-otherwise I would have been wiggling all over the place. Then we had to wait for the other doc to show up for the ultrasound guided sampling, but it went pretty fast once she got there. The results should be in about Wednesday, but the nurse cautioned that it might be Thursday. I also have a chip in my breast for locating where the MRI samples were taken from. I asked if it was like the chip you can have put into your dog so that if I got lost I could be found. The nurse laughed, the doctor didn't. I thought it was pretty funny. I'm not working tomorrow because everything has to start healing and I'm not supposed to be moving my arm much. Monica, the nurse, was running down the list of things I should be cautious about and she said, "and no lifting weights." I looked at her and said, "Monica, does it look like I life weights?" She laughed and said it was nice to have a patient with such a good attitude.

On the way home we stopped at Goodwill and I got some cool apron fabrics and a very nice vase for my pussy willows, they should look really nice by the front door.

She must hate it. I checked the delivery confirmation, and my partner's package was delivered on Saturday the 4th around noon. I haven't gotten an email from her, so I will just sit here and try not to be upset. Tara made a very sweet penguin project for her niece-to-be and posted a picture of it. Once I'm back in the swing of things, I'm going to ask her about posting pictures because she is a whiz at it. Karlie also gave me some tips using the desktop, and I think I have that mastered. It's nice to have people to help when I have a question.

Lou is making me dinner and then I'm going to bed. This has been an exhausting day.


  1. You can obviously move your arms enough to post, so PLEASE call me tomorrow and I will guide you through the process. Or e-mail me your # and I will call you with my free cell phone long distance( I realize I'm not talking to my 87 year old Grandpa, but I don't want to assume). Really, learning something new might take your mind off of the craziness. Anyhoo--I could also "post" you through it!

  2. Hi San-Dee! You are such a strong spirited person. Maintaining your wickedly funny sense of humor through such a harrowing experience! My thoughts and meditations are with you. Having a loving husband like you do goes a long way, too. Don't worry about your partner not emailing you. The apron you made was lovely!!! My partner from the BTRS Swap hasn't emailed me or posted about the handbag I made for her, although she's posted about other things. (And it was delivered on Thursday.) I was thinking about being upset, but it's not worth it. Who knows what's going on and what their thoughts are. You know you did your best sewing the apron, and the rest of the commentators on "The Flirty Apron Swap" Blog adore it, and thats what counts.