Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday 4/18/09

Today has been a really beautiful sunny day and we have gotten a lot of stuff done. I was out early to get to CVS for vitamin C and the four pack of solar lights they have for $15. I got a set the other day and we tested them on the deck, they work well, and they are cheap, so that is good!

I finally got my newsy email sent to my reconnected friend from high school, Beth Nehampkin. First, she forgot a letter in the address, then I forgot a letter, then I suggested she get on gmail instead of comcast because it is so much easier!

I mowed the lawn and raked some of the leaves from the back yard into the area I want to be the passive compost pile. I'm hoping eventually the tree limbs and leaves will build up the soil area and it won't slope so much.

Today in an email Bonnie called me a hero. I'm not a hero, I'm just a person doing what I think is right for me and my family. I refuse to be paralyzed by this diagnosis of cancer. I refuse to have it take over my life like it did for a few days this week. The only thing on my non-cancer to-do list that I didn't get done today was sew and that's because I made the decision to play in the sun instead. What can I say? once a sun goddess, most likely always a sun goddess. I would do some sewing now, but I want to redo my nails because Lou and I are going to a performance at Strathmore Music Center tonight. Okay, family, pick yourselves up off the floor that we are going on a date night. But-it is Bernadette Peters and the acoustics are fantastic, and I didn't get to see Savion Glover with Angie, so we're going.

All the materials bought/found/ordered online that have arrived have been washed and dried. Tomorrow I will press then and then pick what to start after I finish Lill's blouse. My deal with myself is finish one blouse, make an apron, finish the second blouse. I have some really cute striped yellow and white material to use for an everyday apron for her, so if I make that one, I can get a package ready to go into the mail Monday after work. Her move to the new apartment seems to be going well and is well paced, so it shouldn't be too difficult tomorrow to finish with the big furniture.

We are supposed to have wonderful weather again tomorrow. I think we will have to find someplace to go with Miss Lucy's top down--it is definitely convertible weather.

As Levi says, love ya, see ya bye!!

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