Monday, April 27, 2009

The azaleas are out!

When I got home from work today, the azalea transplants were starting to open! Lou thinks they would not have survived another season in the sideyard, and I agree. They're so pretty, when they're a little fuller I will take a picture to share. And, in the shade bed under the magnolia, the lillies of the valley are opening. This is really one of my favorite flowers from childhood. We had a huge patch in the backyard, up against the neighbor's garage. I like to think the fairies really are out there among the leaves, and in the very quietest part of the night, they come out to play the "white coral bells". It must be incredibly sweet music.

Leslie really liked her apron, and she plans on wearing it when she gives a party next and when people ask where she got it, she's going to say "I know this woman who makes these incredible aprons. Would you like her web address?" So, I guess that means I have to get this surgery under my belt and get sewing. That's okay, it's rarely a hardship for me to sit down at the machine. I want to make a variety of half and full bib styles, G-d knows I have enough patterns and enough ideas of changing them that I won't run out of styles very soon. and therein lies the rub: how do I decide which styles to concentrate on? Most of my apron wearing friends prefer full styles so they have lots of hand wiping space. I prefer half aprons for "show". Well, I'll figure it out eventually.

Next on the list is Donna's dog grooming apron. The material is so cute, little paw prints all over the place on a pale tan background. I'll be making a smock type covering, with sleeves, and nice pockets for tools. She's asked for velcro on the pockets to keep things from slipping out, but I think that will just collect dog hair. I'm thinking more along the lines of short zippers. So, tomorrow after AC Moore I will start drafting her pattern, and hopefully she will be done by the weekend.

I think Gadha's mother and daughter matching styles will be similar to the one I made for Leslie. Simple, with style, and washable!

Hmm, am I having too much fun with this? Maybe, maybe not.

Today at lunch Angie was making an ankle bracelet from the stuff we got last week, and I put it on to model and told her I was keeping it. I know she won't let me pay for it, and it's so cute and feminine. Shiny silver, too, my favorite, although as Lou says, since it's just silvertone it will probably turn my skin green if I leave it on too long....we've had that happen before.

Well, I think I'm going out on the deck to enjoy the bat show until it's too dark. good dreams to all.

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