Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally, sitting with my feet up

I'm finally home after a really busy day at work. First I had to answer all the questions on why I was there on a Thursday, and since it's Passover and I'm not eating leavening, it's a good thing tomorrow isn't Pizza Friday-I would feel bad not to eat that great spinach one from Vace's. Weird to be working W-Th-F instead of M-T-W. Today I kept getting all these strange requests, like the guy who wanted cash for something we are buying from him. I tried to explain that would never happen; only to find out that the VP Finance had already explained it earlier in the week. Next there was the freelancer who needed his check "yesterday" so I had to get that ready for him to pick up. Thank G-d we do not have to live paycheck to paycheck. We don't have a whole left at the end of the pay period, but at least there's something there.

I'm glad to be home. Levi's legos came and the set is slightly different than the ad for it: it has 576 pcs instead of 400. Ah, the irony of life.....fortunately, for Jude's sake, it comes in its own plastic bin so he will have a place to store all the pieces. We just talked to him to wish him Happy Birthday-they were at the store where he was buying a BMX helmet with the birthday money he had saved up. He talked to us from under the helmet. it is red. It is wonderful to be 6.

I still have not heard from the doctor's office. The last time they called us after 6 PM, so I'm not worried yet. If we don't hear tonight, I am calling mid-morning tomorrow.

Karlie asked what I've been reading. I was thinking about continuing the civil war novel I'd started that Lou recommended, but decided I needed a little fantasy instead so I went back to the Valdemar books in Lill's room. I re-read the story of Kero (By the Sword) and picked whatever was next in line on the shelf. I do hope Lill's got them in order on the shelf, not that it really matters.

Her field trip for the weekend was cancelled because of the weather near Flagstaff. Probably a good thing because she needs some weekend time to renew and plan. They will be going there anyway, but maybe later on it will be better. I sent her the recipe for matzo puffs so she'll have "sandwich" rolls for Passover.

I found some great stuff at Goodwill the other day and I'm really jazzed about getting some vintage material aprons made to put up on my site once Alan and I can get it organized. Angie skyped this morning at work to give me a link to a pattern she thought I would like--I already have it! She is thinking about doing some jewelry, but the initial outlay for stones is setting her to thinking this may not be the best time. However, she is somewhat assured because yesterday at the Women's Farm Market, someone was showing silver chains at $40-60 and dong a brisk business. People don't seem to be buying the quantity they used to buy at the Market, but they are buying. I think I will wander over at lunch time tomorrow and see what people are showing. This weekend I need to pick up the material to make the aprons from Emma and Gadha at work. these will be pretty straight forward, but I'll play later with the stuff from Goodwill. AND, most amazing, while I was looking through my old Crochet Magic magazines, I actually found a pattern for a crochet hostess half apron. I may try it, I've got lots of size 10 thread around, it's just if I have the right siza steel hook.


  1. Hi San Dee!
    Happy 6th Birthday to Levi!! My thoughts are with you, waiting for the phone to ring.

  2. Good morning! I love that Levi's legos came with more! I have a crocheted hostess apron that I just think is beautiful! It's front is about 10" wide, so made for someone much slimmer than I, but I love it still! Keeping my hopes up and my prayers high for you!

  3. got the wishes, you girls are great!!