Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another click, another clack

Go look, maybe join. Once in a while we do need to take a step back and focus on ourselves. This challenge does just that: make a list of projects for you, and finish them throughout the summer. Hmmm, spoiling ourselves for a change? what a concept! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to meet this challenge, but again, it gives me something to focus on besides dealing with cancer.

Yesterday at work the system was down most of the day for an upgrade and the training session had been scheduled for Friday. Though I don't work Fridays, it seemed to me a smart thing to plan on being there. About mid-morning, I got an email that the session had been switched to Thursday. It took me about an hour to reschedule everything from Thursday to other days, and I wasn't a particularly happy camper. But, I did my thing and got work done then went for my haircut. And I got them all cut-but back to that in a moment. When I got home there was a message that the session had been canceled altogether because there were problems with the upload. Pissed me off a bit, but I'll deal.

Yes, I got them all cut. I explained to Elizabeth what's going on and that I basically needed a haircut that would be easy to manage and not develop into bedhead hair, and so I went from shoulder length to barely there-a feminine kind of boy cut. It's very feathered on the top and sides but real short in the back-perfect. it will probably shock some people, but they forget that I usually get it cut short in the spring so I can drive Miss Lucy with the top down and not have hair all over the place.

I'm hoping to get Donna's apron mostly finished today once I stop wandering around the internet. I'm not sure when the dog show circuit starts, but I want to be able to check off something on my list of to-dos. It would be nice to finish Emma's and Gadha's too, because those are money generators, but they both understand that it may not happen BS (before surgery) so, though on the to-do list, we'll see.

I'm acknowledging the fact that I am not Superwoman, and that I will not get all my to-dos done BS. Oh, well. I think maybe if I prioritize what I want to do, some of it will get done. Probably the things (livingroom piles, diningroom table stuff) that drive Lou crazy are the ones I should start with.......

Well, I'm going to sign off and see if I can shake off this "want to get back in bed because it's ugly outside" mood and get moving.

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