Sunday, April 12, 2009

Early Morning

So, the sun is shining gloriously today, a slight breeze is swaying the newly greening tree limbs and the temperature will be in the mid to high 50s. The perfect prescription for a walk in the park, you say? Yes, but we will be stacking about a cord of wood generously given to us for free by Dave, next door. He and Carol aren't making as many fires as they used to during the winter, and they want to turn the space where it's currently stacked into a garden. I will bet right now the ground below it is incredible humus....those are some very lucky plants!

As with my apron swap buddies, my WW (Weight Watcher) buddies have sent incredible healing vibes to me during this stressful couple days. They are an amazing bunch of women from all over the country, yet as close as if we all attended weekly meetings together. Instead, we attend daily meetings on the message boards!

Dr Who is still waiting, a wave of fatigue hit me when I finished writing last night so I went in to read a chapter and go to sleep. Even with the help of valarian it took a while, but it was a nice deep sleep until 7 this morning. Or was it the wine from last night? we'll never know, and do we care?

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