Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evening comes

We have had a really nice day hanging around the house after our morning adventures. We are expecting a soaking rain tonight and possible thunderstorms tomorrow. It will do all the new plantlings good.

I got all the laundry done and the ironing of all the shirts and new materials. For me, there is something so wonderful about looking at the lengths of uncut fabric-is it the anticipation of what it will become? the excitement of the creative process starting? the feeling I have that in a few moments, when I make that first cut, I'm beginning something that will be intensely personal whether it is for me or someone else? I've never really defined what sewing means to me. For many of my growing-up years it was necessity. Then, it became not exactly a luxury, but an avenue to express myself. When my children were born it took on another aspect of expression and a process they could share in. I've always made jokes that my girls never realized Halloween costumes could be bought; but that has always been a treasure time for me-and I think we have every costume I ever made them. From the simplest ace of spades converted pillowcase to the rows of lace lining the skirt of the can-can dress, I've enjoyed all of it. Lillian sews a little bit, and Sarah has expressed an interest in learning this summer. What a wonderful legacy I can hand down to my girls. They also taken up crochet in the last year which also gives me pleasure to watch them create from yarn. I am a happy mother....

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