Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Morning!

We just got back from a plant sale at the church down the street and from the plant store. And did we score! Tomato plants for regular and cherry tomatoes, and some red raspberries to see if we can get to grow along the fence by Dave's yard, and a chinese maple. Lou is playing in his personal nirvana.

I just came back from the swap site and found another idea to steal-ribbon ties. A very cute reversible half apron. Looking at the paisley print used on one side, I realized that "vintage" means different things to different generations (duh...) If the rule of thumb is that 25-30 years makes something vintage/historical, and 50 makes it an antique, then lots of stuff I would consider "regular"-paisley, flower power prints, bright colors, etc. are really vintage to someone the age of my girls. The 70s are vintage to them; I think of the 40s and 50s as vintage. So, I guess all the tablecloths from my mom have now moved into the antique category.

I had my second cup of coffee on the deck this morning while Lou started puttering with the new plants. Unfortunately, neither the Mr. Lincoln nor the Enchanted Evening roses survived the past winter. I will have to call Jackson-Perkins on Monday, they aren't open today. I'm bummed, Mr. Lincoln is my favorite red rose, and the Enchanted Evening was a really pretty lavender, not as nice as Sterling Silver, but I thought it would be a heartier rose so that's why I ordered it instead of the Sterling Silver. If I have to worry about losing it anyway, I may as well get the Sterling Silver and have the rose I really want. I do miss the climate of the Bay area and Woodland for growing roses. They took so little care and were so healthy. Well, I'll find a good spot for them here eventually.

I'm going to sew...hopefully for a few hours....

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  1. I'm with you, San-Dee! Vintage linens does not bring to mind fabric from the 70s. I would call that retro. When I think of linens, I think of table cloths, dishtowels, etc....Would you want an apron made out of dishtowels from the 70s? So, I think some just worked with what they had, maybe a bit confused on the verbiage?