Thursday, April 23, 2009

Everyone's a Critic

So I sent the pictures of my apron to the kids to see, and of course KS has to comment on my clothes even though I told her I know she needs to remake my wardrobe. I could do it myself, but I've got other things to do. Besides, it gives her such pleasure to tell me I look like a dork. it must be a burden to have a mom like me-tough luck, girls! I think one of the best parts of life is to realize that no matter how hard we try or think we want to be different, we basically become our parents as we age. Since I really liked my parents, I think that is a good thing!

We are in for about four days of beautiful weather says, so we will be enjoying coffee on the deck watching the birds eat breakfast on the railing. They are so used to us already this spring that if they fly away when the door opens, they come right back within a few moments.

On my to-do list today are a variety of house jobs, none so big it will make me crazy (that job is scheduled for Saturday). Today I'm going to get Lill's room ready for her and do some sewing, maybe make an appointment for a hair cut. I need to find some place to recycle all the packing peanuts from the stuff sent from OR, right now I've got two and a half black garbage bags filled, three boxes to put into bags, and still about 6 boxes to unpack---that's Saturday's crazy job.

I have been getting lots of wonderful calls and emails from family and friends regarding the saga of Lefty and Righty. It's very true: what goes around comes around. After spending my life trying to be a good person and be available when I was needed, I am finding people are making themselves available to me. Weird place to be since I rarely ask for help-but it's still really comforting to know you are all out there, waiting to step up however I need you to. Thank G-d for you all.

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  1. What did you get from OR? That's a LOT of boxes!