Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, and it's raining

It's REALLY raining, complete with thunder and lightening, and I would really enjoy it if I didn't have to go to the dentist at 11 AM.

A "what goes around comes around" moment: When Lill was a toddler, my sister-in-law Jude sent her a toy for her birthday that made so much noise and was so annoying that it had to become "broken". At the time, Jude did not have children and had no clue. Since her boys were born, Lou and I have talked many times {okay, we plotted for revenge:)} about how to pay her back. We have found the way: legos. Logan, the older brother, really wanted a Star Wars kit for Chanukah. Since money has been tight for them and we had just lost my mother-in-law {Logan was very close to her}, Lou and I splurged and bought him the kit, which he adored. Enter younger brother Levi, who wants to be just like Logan. So Levi politely asks Louie on the phone if we would consider getting him a lego set for his birthday {in April} because he is responsible enough to take care of it. Being the nice big brother he is, with a streak of nasty that rarely comes out, Lou has found a lego kit at Amazon with over 400 pieces in four different sizes. so we call Jude to make sure Levi would be okay with a kit that wasn't "themed" and she says sure; then we tell her it has 400 pieces and she replies: 400 pieces? and about 30 seconds of absolute silence.... ah, revenge is sweet.....

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