Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swap received, part 2

Since Sarah is studying and I won't be talking to Tara until tomorrow about pictures in blog posts, I have to do it as two posts. Here is the surprise reversible side to the swap apron:

If you click on it you can see the detail of the Day of the Dead pattern which my partner said she has in her kitchen.

So, now that I know she's gotten it, I won't stress about it. Then, waiting for me when I got home from work were the fat quarters I won in the giveaway early in the swap. The pieces are bright and springy and the perfect surprise on the rainy day we have going here. It sure brightened me up!

Tomorrow I meet with a plastic surgeon who does the DIEP reconstruction and I haven't decided if I will still talk to the plastic guy who doesn't do it. It seems like a waste of time and co-pay when the options he'll be presenting aren't what I want.....when I was walking to the parking lot in the rain after work today I found two lucky pennies-I figured they were one for each side. See what I mean about how I feel this is taking over my life?

So, to set some non-cancer related goals: this weekend I would like to finish the first two of Lill's blouses. I would like to finish the second cotton hand towel. I would like to move more of my books to the downstairs bookcase in the sewing area. I think those are reachable goals since we won't be home Saturday night. It is the gala "birthday" weekend at Strathmore Music Center and though we are not attending the fundraising dinners and talks, we are going to see Bernadette Peters perform. I can't wait. the acoustics are so incredible in that music hall that no seat is a bad seat. I never heard from Jeff about the Savion Glover show-I gave him my tickets because that was the weekend we went to Eugene and because his daughter is a tap dancer. I hope she went and I hope she had a good time.

I'm waiting on Lou getting home-his nights are late this week because it is National Advisory Committee meeting week for this quarter. I am so glad it is in Washington this time and not one of the other centers. Even if he is late, I'm glad he is home this week.

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  1. Yay! You've got the "adding a photo" thing down! Glad you finally heard from your swap partner. I ended up emailing both of mine: for the charming handbag and the flirty apron swap, asking if they've received their packages. Heard from one but not the other. As my hubby said, "Not everyone gets as excited as you do about swaps."