Thursday, April 2, 2009

thursday night

yep, this day gets better and better! I have ANOTHER apron order and my cousin Alan has finally moved and registered me a web address (like I know what that means) but I am being excited about it. I will like it even more once I get some samples constructed and their pictures taken and he builds me my official website. Angie offered to do it a while ago, but Alan had promised and I wanted to keep him to it. so far, it is a site "under construction"--sounds great, doesn't it?

Louis and I went to the workshop about the BRAC impact reports on the intersections around the Naval Medical Center and NIH, and it's not going to do anything to help traffic once the Walter Reed influx happens (2011). My going to work isn't going to be impacted very much, but coming home will be a nightmare. The planners obviously have not been in this traffic on a regular basis; putting an extra lane in to ease traffic out of the medical center will effectively cut off any chance anyone has of turning onto Cedar Lane from Rockville Pike because those exiting are not going to let traffic in from their left.... Lou doesn't have a problem because public transport is easy for him, bus to metro and back. It will be interesting to see how taking public transportation will work for me. I don't think the busline goes as far as my office, but, lou said we could take a practice run next Friday to see what it would be like.

Tomorrow I will finish Lill's first blouse and over the weekend make number 2. I told her I would send them out, then take a picture of the remaining pieces of material we bought and she can tell me which blouse style she wants in which pattern--I can't remember what we picked out for each, she will-or she'll choose something different based on the ease of the wearing.

I'm so renewed to sew, and these online correspondences with Tara and Bear Picnic are really helping--thanks, girls!

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  1. I'd love to see picture's of the blouses! and congrats on the new website--can't wait to see it too!